Aug 272020

In these days of uncertainty in education, we all should be preparing blended learning resources for our students – whether we are lucky enough to be instructing students face-to-face, if we have some students who are learning from home, or if we all have to return to remote learning and instruction. See my post on Blended Learning Strategies, Instructional Video & Tools for Student Engagement for best practices and an overview of some great tools available. This post, however, focuses on some different workflows to easily (as possible) record your own instruction and embed your video into Canvas.

Unfortunately, there is not one ‘Best’ way to accomplish this, so I have outlined several approaches. Find one that will work best for you, and master it! Below are some slides that outline these strategies and workflows, but for some more depth, how-to videos and to see and compare what the recorded video looks like (not all methods and recording tools are equal!), please explore the pages in this public Canvas course that I have created:

Recording & Embedding Instructional Video in Canvas


Nov 012013

Thank you for joining me today to take a tour of 60 of my favorite iOS apps for education in 60 minutes. We will be moving pretty fast, so please use the resources below as your reference and session notes.

Follow along here where you’ll find links and descriptions of all of the apps covered in the session today, or you can find them on my 60 Apps in 60 Minutes Symbaloo mix. If I didn’t mention one of your favorites, please let me know about it and also take a look at the favorites that others have contributed. I’ve also done this presentation for a few years, and some great apps have either fallen off of the Top 60 or I have encountered new great apps that have not been added to the list. You can see the new and old 60 in 60 Apps in this Symbaloo mix.

You can also search for apps by grade, subject, Utah Core area, device and cost at UEN’s Apps4Edu site.

Here’s the presentation for our session today:

Jan 242013

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First things first… Sign up for a free EduEnjoy Prezi account (a $59/year value for educators). Now that you have an account, you’ll need the free Prezi iPad app (link opens App Store). Check out how to get started with Prezi on the iPad, as well as the manual/FAQ’s page.

Prezi is a little different than other presentation software that you may have seen before. Instead of titles and bullet points to get your information across, you use space and scale to show your main and supporting ideas. Take a look at this example to get an idea of just what you can do with Prezi.

I really love using Prezi, and I was excited to see the iPad version add the ability to create and edit Prezi presentations. These are still new features (added about 2 months ago), so there are some things that the web version of Prezi can do that the iPad version is not (yet) able to do.

With Prezi on the iPad, you can:

  • Create new prezis
  • View and edit your existing prezis
  • Download prezis to your iPad ready to view off-line
  • Add images and photos
  • Share your prezis
  • Open hyperlinks
  • Hide navigation buttons (particularly useful if you are presenting from your iPad)
  • Set your prezi to autoplay
  • View embedded prezis on an iPad via the Prezi for iPad app (as long as they were embedded after the technology to do this was created)

Currently the iPad version cannot:

  • Create a path for a newly created prezi on your iPad.
  • Add elements other than text or images (such as videos, frames, & shapes)
  • Apply preset themes or customize the color of the text or background

Need some inspiration? Take a look at “How To Create a Great Prezi” from Adam Somlai-Fischer. Also, check out my “60 Educational Apps in 60 Minutes” prezi on my favorite apps for education and productivity on the iPad.

Mar 042011

Links and Resources mentioned in this presentation:

Here’s the ‘Google Docs in Plain English video:

Which Presentation “Deadly Sin” have you broken most often?


Nov 032010

More on Prezi Meeting. They have kept it very simple and straight forward. When in Prezi editing mode, just click Meeting –> Invite, and you are presented with a link that you can share with your collaborators.

You can also create a shared Presentation link that you can send out to view a Prezi on separate machines anywhere in the world together. The only thing about this that I don’t really like is that the Presentation link expires after only 10 minutes… I guess this is for security, or that they don’t want people randomly joining in a Prezi a year after the fact, but it would be nice to have a permanent presentation link to post to a web site for training purposes.

Great stuff from Prezi.