60+ Apps in 60 Minutes – iPad Apps for Education & Productivity Around The Clock

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Thank you for joining me today to take a tour of 60 of my favorite iOS apps for education in 60 minutes. We will be moving pretty fast, so please use the resources below as your reference and session notes.

Follow along here where you’ll find links and descriptions of all of the apps covered in the session today, or you can find them on my 60 Apps in 60 Minutes Symbaloo mix. If I didn’t mention one of your favorites, please let me know about it and also take a look at the favorites that others have contributed. I’ve also done this presentation for a few years, and some great apps have either fallen off of the Top 60 or I have encountered new great apps that have not been added to the list. You can see the new and old 60 in 60 Apps in this Symbaloo mix.

You can also search for apps by grade, subject, Utah Core area, device and cost at UEN’s Apps4Edu site.

Here’s the presentation for our session today:

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