Google Forms – Where are my responses?

Google Forms is an amazing tool. Before it came along, getting and organizing data from lots of different people was not an easy task, or you had to pay a service like SurveyMonkey some dough if you wanted to ask more than 10 questions. With the continual iteration that is Google, Docs and other services are always getting better, right? Well, not in all cases…

After you have set up a Google Form, it’s not very clear how to get to that data as Google has it now. It used to be that when you created a Form, a corresponding Spreadsheet was created for the results. I guess not everyone liked that. They just wanted the form to summarize the results, and in a lot of survey type cases, that’s all you need. If you want the actual data, now you have to set up a spreadsheet for each form.

Here’s how…

1. Find your form in your Drive and open it to edit it.
2. Click ‘Choose response destination’ near the top of the Form window:
3. In the window that appears, keep ‘New spreadsheet’ selected, give your spreadsheet a good name, and click ‘Create’:
4. This will take you back to editing your Form. Now, in the place of ‘Choose response destination’ you’ll see ‘View Responses’. Clicking this will open up the results in the spreadsheet you just created in a new window/tab.
5. Also, you’ll now see a document in your Drive for your Form, and a new Spreadsheet with the good name you gave it. ;):

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