Nov 252013

OnTrack Section #: 67315, Course #: 59223

Thanks for having me at SUCCESS Academy today to work with you on implementing a paperless workflow with you and your students. Take a look at the links below for the needed resources for this training:


Nov 222013

SAGE Summative Training Tests should be available on the SAGE Portal in December. However, Hawaii, Oregon, and SBAC have Training Tests available now for students without login… open and available to try as “guest”

Hawaii Training Tests

Oregon Training Tests


  • Has Practice Tests more like the ELA/Math will be in SAGE Summative
  • SBAC has Practice Tests for 3rd-8th and 11th Grade. Each grade contains: Math/Math Performance Task and ELA/ ELA Performance Task tests

*this information from Jon Cohen/AIR

Nov 212013

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Direct link to presentation

Links from Presentation & Additional Resources:

Tutorial: Grey Skies to Blue with Pixlr

Tutorial: Taking The Years Off with Photoshop

Nov 202013

Doceri Teacher Rebate Program is a great thing for teachers who have spent their own money on this excellent teaching tool. If a school or organization purchases at least 30+ Doceri licenses, Doceri will (through this page) let a teacher request a rebate for the money they personally spent on Doceri.

When you request a rebate, they’ll deactivate the old licence key, refund your personal credit card, and then re-activate your copy with your new institutional licence key.

Thanks for keeping our hard working educators in mind Doceri!

Nov 202013

Google Forms is an amazing tool. Before it came along, getting and organizing data from lots of different people was not an easy task, or you had to pay a service like SurveyMonkey some dough if you wanted to ask more than 10 questions. With the continual iteration that is Google, Docs and other services are always getting better, right? Well, not in all cases…

After you have set up a Google Form, it’s not very clear how to get to that data as Google has it now. It used to be that when you created a Form, a corresponding Spreadsheet was created for the results. I guess not everyone liked that. They just wanted the form to summarize the results, and in a lot of survey type cases, that’s all you need. If you want the actual data, now you have to set up a spreadsheet for each form.

Here’s how…

1. Find your form in your Drive and open it to edit it.
2. Click ‘Choose response destination’ near the top of the Form window:
3. In the window that appears, keep ‘New spreadsheet’ selected, give your spreadsheet a good name, and click ‘Create’:
4. This will take you back to editing your Form. Now, in the place of ‘Choose response destination’ you’ll see ‘View Responses’. Clicking this will open up the results in the spreadsheet you just created in a new window/tab.
5. Also, you’ll now see a document in your Drive for your Form, and a new Spreadsheet with the good name you gave it. ;):
Nov 142013

OnTrack Section #: 67138, Course #: 59637

Today we’ll take a look at getting the most from some new and ‘old’ resources available to you. I’ll show you some things to really leverage the power of your Chromebooks and I’ll show (or maybe remind you) of some of the incredible resources that have been available to you through the Pioneer Online Library for some time.


Pioneer Library –

Your Turn! Please take a few moments and search for a Pioneer Library resource that you could use in your classroom tomorrow. When you have found it, please share the link for that resource to the group via the Mentimeter poll accessed below:

Nov 132013
via, originally published May 12, 2012Update!


Mentimeter is another option for educators as an alternative to purchasing expensive student response systems or ‘clicker’ sets for their classrooms.

Mentimeter is much more simple than Poll Everywhere or Socrative, but I don’t see where you can do anything else with your results beyond displaying them as voting is happening. It remembers your questions, but you can’t export the data to a spreadsheet for later analysis.

It’s attractive, simple to set up and simple for your audience to vote (which can be tough with the other options out there), and you don’t even need to set up an account before you use it. With simplicity comes a cost. There is no option for text-message voting – you can only vote via a web page. So, the simple feature phones that many of your students probably have will not work.

With that in mind, I like it a lot. Give it a try!

Update on November 13, 2013

Mentimeter has been hard at work making their polling platform better and easier to use. I’m very impressed with the work they have done. I think that it’s a perfect tool for teachers and schools, in some circumstances. Its easy to start polling quickly, minimal set up is required, and they have a great new pop-up QR Code feature for each question. If you need to poll a large audience on a school budget (read FREE), there is no better option. Mentimeter allows for an unlimited number of questions and an unlimited number of responses per question with their free account.

They have added the ability to download your poll results, but it’s only available with a paid account. Also, I can’t tell if text/SMS voting is a feature. If it is, it’s only a paid account option. All voting must be done on a web-enabled device. If you need text/SMS voting, Poll Everywhere is still your best bet.

Thanks Mentimeter for providing a great tool for teachers and schools!

Nov 072013

OnTrack Section #:67099 , Course #:58985

Here’s the plan for our session today. We’ll learn about:

  • Harnessing the Power of Google Drive for projects, collaboration and maybe even a paperless classroom
  • Screencasting – creating learning objects with some cool interactive white board type apps
  • Creating rich media projects like narrated slide shows, picture- and full blown eBooks, and full movies.
  • Classroom quizzing and formative assessment with free web-based tools

You can download the presentation for our session today below:

Apps, links and resources for each area above:

Nov 042013

I’m very excited to work with the students and teachers at Southeast Education Academy today and Wednesday on creating video podcasts for Science. All of the links, apps, and notes you’ll need will be accessible from this page.

Video Podcasting for SEA – Training Notes (opens a viewable Google Doc)

Here’s a great example of what you can do with Explain Everything. The project combined a presentation (PowerPoint) that was uploaded into an Explain Everything project via Google Drive. He added some animation and narration in Explain Everything, and then exported the project as a video that he then enhanced in iMovie, adding a soundtrack and sound effects.

Nov 022013

Here’s the plan for our session today. We’ll learn about:

  • Presenting from your iPad: How to control and project your classroom computer, and how to project your iPad screen to your classroom computer & projector
  • Screencasting – creating learning objects with some cool interactive white board type apps
  • Creating rich media projects like narrated slide shows, picture- and full blown eBooks, and full movies.
  • Classroom quizzing, formative assessment and student/parent engagement with free web-based tools
  • Finding good places for educational iPad apps

Didn’t get that the first time through? Here’s the presentation video from the URSA Conference, using Google+ Hangout On-Air (YouTube Video). You can also view the presentation here.

Apps, links and resources for each area above: