Beyond Gmail: Docs, Calendar & Sites

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First, let’s REALLY go beyond Gmail. Google keeps a page of tips that will take you from a Gmail White Belt to a certified Ninja Master!  Here is a friendly, downloadable document version in PDF that you can save and print.

How is Google Docs different than Word or whatever else you have used before?

If the above video space is blank, you can view it here.


or you can view the presentation here.

DEMO: Using Google Forms and Flubaroo to create and grade a quiz – complete with auto-emailing results. Take the quiz now!


Additional Resources for Google Docs:

Google Calendar & Sites:


Additional Resources for Google Calendar and Sites:

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  1. Google Docs is great. For PBL you should combine it with ETG since it teaches students how to manage a project and provides them with the social media tools to actually do it.

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