Feb 102012

Today to introduce you to some techie terminology and some basic Internet and networking knowledge, we are going to play a little Jeopardy. If you’ve never watched the show, I give you ‘Answers’ and you supply the ‘Questions’ to those answers… For example, if I said, “This is the best darn charter school in Cedar City.” you would reply, “What is Gateway Preparatory Academy?!?” 

Make sense? OK – let’s begin!

Play our Jeopardy game

Aug 112011

You can find this information later by heading to the Google Apps tag on my blog.

First, let’s REALLY go beyond Gmail. Google keeps a page of tips that will take you from a Gmail White Belt to a certified Ninja Master!  Here is a friendly, downloadable document version in PDF that you can save and print.

How is Google Docs different than Word or whatever else you have used before?

If the above video space is blank, you can view it here.


or you can view the presentation here.

DEMO: Using Google Forms and Flubaroo to create and grade a quiz – complete with auto-emailing results. Take the quiz now!


Additional Resources for Google Docs:

Google Calendar & Sites:


Additional Resources for Google Calendar and Sites:

Jun 152011

Here’s the link to the full version of today’s presentation.

Best place to start? The Interactive Notes complete with links to all of the sites and apps that we’ll discuss (and the ones we don’t have time to cover today). 

Next best place? The iOS Educational Apps list of reviewed and recommended apps for the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone from myself and the other Utah regional service center trainers. This list will be updated from time to time as new apps are discovered.

Also, check out all of the information that I’ve posted on the iPad on my Training Site – sedcclint.com/tag/ipad