Posterous for Millard Teachers

Ever heard of email? That's how we'll be creating a classroom blog (or website – they are the same thing really…) today using a great service called Posterous. The training agenda, links and resources will follow the jump!
  • First thing is to create an account… Er, skip that. Not necessary! Start by logging into your Millard email account.
  • Compose a message to
  • The subject of your message will be the title of your first entry.
  • The body of the mesage will be the content of your entry.
    • Attach anything you'd like to include to the message. Posterous will figure out how to best display it.
    • Have a link to a video? Just paste it in the body, and Posterous will embed the video for you.
    • Attach photos, music files, documents, slide shows – whatever you have the right to publish and share, and Posterous will take care of the rest.
  • Send your message when you are ready.
  • After a moment, you'll receive a message back from Posterous to let you know that your new site has been set up. Follow the link in the message to set up an address and a password.
  • While we are here, let's take a few minutes to:
    • Update your profile
    • Customize the theme of your site
    • Decide whether this is a group site or a site just for you.
    • I'll add things here if necessary…
  • If you get stuck or have questions, head to the Posterous FAQ page.

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