So Long Posterous… Hello WordPress!

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Mar 132013

I’ve been a strong supporter of Posterous ever since I sent my first email to create my Posterous site way back in 2008. It was just about the most amazing thing I’d seen at the time. Super simple site creation and updating – an amazing tool. I’ve trained more teachers that I can remember how to use it to create an easy-to-update and maintain teacher web site, and now this service is going away as of April 30 due to the purchase of Posterous by Twitter. This saddens me quite a bit, because I have 5+ years of content on my Posterous site that I just can’t loose.

My blog has moved to the WordPress platform. I’m using the self-hosted version that is downloadable from, but I think that a free site is more than sufficient for most teachers. The main reason for the move is because I was able to import ALL of my Posterous posts and images to my new site with the help of an import tool. Also, with the help of some good tools and plugins detailed below, I can get my new WP dog to do the same tricks I loved in Posterous. Unfortunately, my embedded videos and documents that I’ve uploaded did not come over, so I’ll loose some of these until I go back and fix each effected post, which could take some time.

To help other teachers in this circumstance, I’ll point you to some good help to make the transition as easy and painless as possible.

  • Import from Posterous to WordPress – these instructions will walk you through how to backup your Posterous site data (which you should do regardless!) and then import it to a new blog or site. The WordPress Importer PlugIn worked for me on my hosted site.
  • Post by Email – this was one of my favorite features of the Posterous platform, and you can do this with a WordPress site as well.
  • Publicize – One of the features of Posterous that I really liked was that it would automatically update my Twitter account and Facebook Fan Page when I published a new post. The Publicize tool can be configured to do this on a blog. If you are self-hosting, the Jetpack plugin will add this feature and much more.
  • Ultimate Follow Me – this is an easy to set up plugin that will give you a sidebar module with quick links to any or all of the social sites you may use to make it quick and easy for people to follow you.

I will update this post with more of the tools and plugins that I’m using and liking on my new site. Now, back to work!

Apr 242012

Today we’ll take a look at two super-simple tools to create and easily maintain a web page for your class. We’ll go down the path to create both a site on Blogger or on Posterous (you’ll probably need your Ironmail as well). Below is the presentation for our session today with all of the steps and instructions you’ll need to get up and running!

Feb 222011
In our 2-hour session today, we'll show you some new ways to let your students, teachers and parents know about the amazing things that are going on in your library or media center. Knowledge is power, and the more that your stakeholders know about your library, the more likely they will be to use the materials and resources you have to offer.

Here's the handout, complete with step-by-step instructions, links and resources:??

Let's go! The first step in this whole process is??transparency??- spread the word about you and your program in any venue open to you. Today, we'll take you through the process of setting up 3 different services to aid you in this, and then we'll tie them all together in the end to make you Masters of your Message!

First off, share everything you can with an easy to maintain web site or blog. Blog about new books, suggested readings, or other great things happening in your library:
  • – For longer entries. Preview stories, discuss new offerings, publicize upcoming events, etc. Quickly create a new site and start writing!
  • Twitter – Twitter is a micro-blog – great for short updates, sharing links to incredible web resources, or as a 'shout-out' to recognize the great things you see everyday. Here's an example from E-Valley.
Share your new, featured or favorite books in different ways:
Let's tie it all together
  • Create a Blogger site to highlight your students or your??recommendations
  • Create a Twitter account for sharing quick bits of information like upcoming events, new books that have been added to the library. Also, search Twitter for other topics or users with your similar interests.
  • Create a Shelfari account, and add some books from Amazon or a selection of your top??recommendations??or what you are reading now
  • Now, add in the Shelfari and Twitter widgets to your new site to make it all work together!
  • Lastly, let your school web master know about your new site so that they can highlight it and link to it from your school site.