UCET 2015

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Apr 022015

Utah Coalition for Educational Technology Conference

Welcome to UCET 2015! Below are the links to all of my presentation resources – just click on the session you have attended, and you’ll be able to access my presentations, see all of the session notes and links to the apps and resources that I have presented. You can also find all of my session information on Sched.

If you’d like to be informed when I post new resources and information, you can follow me on Twitter @sedcclint, or on my Facebook Page.

Thanks for your attendance and interest!

Thursday, April 2

Friday, April 4

Creative Apps for Chromebooks & Classroom Intro for Enterprise Elementary

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Mar 302015

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OnTrack Section #: 73153, Course #: 59500

It’s great to be in Washington County with you all today! Here’s what we’ll cover:

With Classroom, you can use a combination of a Google Form as a quiz building tool and a great add-on called Flubaroo to grade your quizzes, evaluate the results, and even automatically email students their scores! This is a great combination to use for formative assessment in your classrooms.

Another option for formative assessment are classroom ‘clickers.’ Since you have access to Chromebooks, or even student cell phones, you can utilize some great (and FREE) web based student response and feedback systems – without the need to purchase additional single-purpose devices.

Here’s a rundown of some great options out there, and what it’s  “Killer Feature” is:

Platform: Killer Feature:
Socrative Great overall features, has Teacher and Student apps, but not required
Mentimeter Unlimited responses – great for school wide surveys
Poll Everywhere SMS/Text voting from student cell phones, free teacher accounts
Nearpod Presentation and assessment in one tool, great solution for classroom iPad labs, same app for teachers and students
Kahoot “Gamified”, colorful and fun
Plickers No student device needed – uses paper cards and a teacher cell phone or iPad camera
Google Forms & Flubaroo Easy to build, no additional logins for teachers or students needed

Google Gmail, Search & Drive for 2015 SUMS Conference

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Feb 242015

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Gmail Tips – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Here are the links that were included in the presentation:

Password Management Made Easy

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Feb 042015

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Take a look at this presentation on Password Management to learn how to take the hassle and pain out of keeping track of ALL of your passwords, and creating new and much safer passwords. Below are the links included in the presentation:

Google in the Classroom – Self-Paced Lessons on Drive, Classroom and MUCH More

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Jan 302015

While doing a little research this morning, I stumbled upon this great site that I had not encountered before:


This resource from the Google for Education site has self-paced instructions on how to use and implement about 20 different Google services and tools, including Drive, Docs, Classroom, Chrome, Chromebooks, YouTube, as well as a module on Digital Citizenship.

We are using Google Apps for Education and Chromebooks ever increasingly in our region, in Utah, and in the entire country. They are amazing tools, and you can’t beat the cost. These resources will be a great help for those teachers who just like to get their hands dirty and teach themselves how to use these tools, and will be a great resource for my teachers after the training has happened that have those lingering questions that always come up.

Happy Google-ing!

Get Your Message Across with Remind

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Jan 212015

Would you like to be able to send home reminders, information and notes to students and parents that they’ll actually READ? 1 out of 5 US teachers use Remind (formerly Remind101) to instantly connect with students and parents on a regular basis. It is free to setup and use, however if your student’s don’t have a bulk texting plan it may cost them to receive your updates. The company has committed to always keep at least some portion of this service free for teachers – they understand education. And, it integrates with Twitter!

Sign up for a free Remind account, and make sure to get the iOS or Android app for your phone or device.

If you’d like to see how it works, sign up for my Technology Training group by texting @techtr to 81010:


53 Ways to Check for Understanding – Formative Assessment Ideas from Edutopia

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Dec 112014

With Utah’s new SAGE Assessments and the SAGE Formative system, formative assessment has been on my mind quite a bit this year. Since it’s not always easy (or even possible some days) to get your students into a computer lab, you can’t always use these online tools to gauge your student’s learning and comprehension.

Thanks to Kim Rathke for sharing this great checklist/document (PDF) for formative assessment, you now have a wealth of ideas for getting that feedback in the classroom. This goes hand in hand with my presentation on Classroom Assessment Techniques that I’ve shared earlier.

Yea low-tech solutions!