Google Docs “Super Powers”

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May 182016

I’ve shared these amazing features of Google Docs with numerous teachers in trainings I’ve done for Google Drive & Docs, and have also made a rather large detour in my Google Classroom trainings to share these tools, but I had never recorded them to post here. I made my screen recording back in November, and posted it to YouTube, but I neglected to share it here, until now.



Forwarding Multiple Gmail Messages at Once?

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Apr 052016

I just got this great question from one of my teachers:

Is there an easy way in Gmail to forward a folder full of emails to another email address?

There is a way to save and move those messages, but not how you are describing… Google has a service called Google Takeout ( where you can create an archive of ALL of your Google data, or just from selected Google services. You can create an archive of all of your email or just those emails within one or many labels (folders) and download the archive to have as a backup.

Getting those emails back into another Gmail account is more of a process. There is no way to import directly an email archive (you would think that would be the case since you can create and download said archives…). This is the best article that I found explaining the steps to import them into a new account using the free Thunderbird email program.

And… Now that I’ve written and researched all of this, I did a bit more research and found an easier solution. There is a Chrome browser extension called Multi Forward for Gmail that will allow you to select multiple emails to forward at once. Read the reviews for some tips on how to use and it’s limitations (you can only forward 100 messages/day). Let me know if you try it and it works for you!

UCET 2016 – Tech Madness

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Mar 152016

Welcome to UCET 2016! Below are the links to all of my presentation resources – just click on the session you have attended (or wish you could have made it to), and you’ll be able to access my presentations directly, see all of the session notes and links to the apps and resources that I have presented. You can also find all of my session information on Sched!

If you’d like to be informed when I post new resources and information, you can follow me on Twitter @sedcclint, or on my Facebook Page. Thanks for your attendance and interest!

Thursday, March 17

Friday, March 18

Going Beyond Google Docs with Creative Chromebook Apps

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Mar 152016

Google Docs & Drive provide classrooms with an amazing tool for productivity and basic word processing and presentations, but what if you want your students to dig deeper and be more creative? If it’s “Just a Chromebook,” what sorts of projects and products can your students create with web-based apps? Surprisingly, quite a bit.

In the presentation below, we’ll look at some advantages that Google Docs/Drive has over Microsoft Office, and also see some great alternatives to the Adobe Creative Apps out there. I’ve aligned all of these apps to the 4 different Depth of Knowledge levels out there for student work and projects. You can get the links to all of the apps here, and how best to install them.

Looking for the basics? This Google Slides presentation has some great tips and explanation of how to use Chromebooks with younger grades to show what they have learned. Also, take a look at Slides Carnival for additional free templates to use for Google Slides instead of just the included options.

Take and Easily Share Better Digital Photos, 2016 Secretaries Conference

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Feb 092016


Thanks for joining me today at the SEDC Secretaries Conference. Below is the presentation in PDF form – all of the links are live!

Here are the links included in the presentation:

Notebook 15 for Iron County

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Jan 212016


Today, we will focus on some of the great new features included with Notebook 15. Since SMART started charging for upgrades to Notebook, most of you are probably coming to this new version from 11.4. A LOT has been added since then, especially with the “Interactive” part of this interactive whiteboard software. Take a look at this post if you are looking for basic tips and tricks, or this post from my site for some more advanced things that Notebook can do for you.

Today, we will investigate:

  • The place EVERY teacher should start when starting to use Notebook, the SMART Exchange Website where you can find lessons and activities pre-built and ready for you to use or adapt for your needs. The Exchange is accessed through the Gallery tab on the left, the blue “X-ish” icon in the toolbar, or at You will need to create an account to take full advantage.
  • Notebook Maestro. This feature has been the most requested since the iPad came out. In conjunction with the iPad Notebook app ($5.99), you can use this add-on to connect to your computer and control Notebook wirelessly! Great for untethered teaching or for allowing students to interact with your lesson from their seats. Learn more here and download the Maestro add-on (use your school information when asked, you don’t need to put in the Tech Director’s name, etc.)
  • Lesson Activity Builder (LAB): Access this from the “Magic Hat” button in the toolbar.
    • The LAB is a collection of different templates to help you quickly build interactive activities
    • Demo a Parts of Speech activity
    • Experience a “Mobile Enabled” activity called Shout It Out!, answering the question, “Who will win the SuperBowl?” If you are not into pro Football, choose from the Denver Broncos, New England Patriots, Arizona Cardinals or the Carolina Panthers
  • Other New Add-Ons
    • SMART Blocks – blocks that will do different simple math with number given to it. You can interconnect the blocks to build live equations.
    • Lesson Recorder vs. SMART Recorder
      • Lesson Recorder: Records actions and writing on a Notebook page, and save those actions within a Notebook page.
      • SMART Recorder will record all of your actions in Notebook or anywhere on your computer as well as  your voice (with microphone connected) and will create a video file that you can post to a Web site or upload to YouTube.
      • Show how to add SMART Recorder and other shortcuts to toolbar)
    • GeoGebra for Math Teachers
  • New Tools and Pens
    • Cover the math tools
    • Review other tools
    • Text Pen
    • Creative Pen
    • Magic Pen
    • Shape Recognition Pen
  • Gallery Review
    • Gallery Essentials
    • Lesson Activity Toolkit
    • Adding to “My Content”

6-Word Memoirs Project with iMovie ’11

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Jan 142016


A teacher emailed me to ask how this 6-Word Memoir project was created so that she could do the same thing with her classes. I instantly recognized it as an iMovie project, and one that would be simple for this teacher to compile from the text and images that her students provided.

The rub is, she has not made a video with iMovie since the complete interface redesign (and a true downgrade in features) of iMovie ’08. I, too, had a hard time adapting to the new interface, but with subsequent updates and improvements from Apple, the new iMovie is once again a great tool for easily editing and creating video projects.

Due to the different Mac OS versions installed in this district, I won’t be using the latest version of iMovie. iMovie 11 is the last version to come out with iLife and is comparable with a wide variety of Mac OS’s.

Let’s take a tour of the iMovie ’11 interface:

A couple of tweaks:

  • Since I spent SO MUCH time in the old iMovie interface, I still like to have my timeline on the bottom and clips above. To switch this, click the up/down arrow button next to the video camera button on the left of the Toolbar. You can’t move the Preview window to the left, but we will make due. You don’t have to make this switch, but that’s the view I’ll be presenting with :D.
  • Unless you are on an iMac with a giant screen, you’ll probably want to use iMovie in Full-Screen mode. View –> Enter Full Screen (control+command+F) or the expanding arrows button on the upper right of the window will get you in full screen. If you click the green + button on the upper left, you’ll still have the top menu and Dock taking up screen space.
  • As suggested in the interface tour, make sure to turn on the Advanced Tools. iMovie top menu –> Preferences… Then in the General tab check the Show Advanced Tools box. Close the Preferences window.

Before we get started, we need some source material to make a very brief version of the project. Since this project will most likely end up published on the Web, we REALLY should be considerate of the copyright and use licenses of the creator of the images and music used in this project. When students are trying to find appropriate images to use from the millions out there, here are a few tips:

  • Use the Google image “Search tools” to make sure that students are finding images large enough (Size option of larger than 1024 x 768, which is an HD image) as well as the appropriate “Usage rights”, which should be “Labeled for noncommercial use with modification”
  • The Creative Commons Search tool ( is also very useful to find images with the proper copyright licenses. Uncheck the ‘use for commercial purposes’ box at the top.

Below are a sample of student memoirs with a link to an appropriate accompanying image, as well as some background music you can use from Soundzabound from Pioneer Library:

  • Opening Credits:
    • A long, long time ago… The students in my Language Arts classes were challenged with the task of creating their own memoir… in exactly 6 words. These amazing students came up with equally amazing memoirs, and pairs them with a photo they believed would fit the tone of their piece. Although brief, these memoirs took time, practice, and patience; and ultimately, they came out great!
  • Finishing an illustration is incredibly satisfying, image
  • Skating is a way of life, image
  • DC comics over Marvel any day, image
  • Cherish every piece of your childhood, image
  • Definitely born in the wrong generation, image
  • Salty air, sand in my hair… image
  • Background music: Beginnings, Ambient Audio from Soundzabound, which is a great source of royalty free music provided to Utah schools by UEN
    • Head to, choose Soundzabound. On the left, click ‘Category’ under the ‘Browse by…’ box, then I chose Ambient, but feel free to explore the many category options here.
  • To save time if you are already comfortable with gathering images and downloads from the Internet, here are all of the images and music:

Quick video tutorial is below. I’ll write out the steps in detail soon!

  • Create new project
  • Set Project Defaults
  • Import photos
    • Add folders to photo browser
    • Drag and drop straight into the project
  • Add scrolling “Star Wars” title
  • Add 6-Word Memoir as a title on top of each image, format as desired
  • Drag in background music as green block behind clips, or add music from iTunes music browser
  • Watch your final project full screen
  • Share with the world!