Tech In The Classroom – Kane Opening Institute 2015

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Aug 132015

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Hopefully we’ll cover all of this today:

Formative Assessment Tools and Free Student Response Systems

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Aug 112015


Instead of purchasing expensive and dedicated student response systems from SMART or Promethean, here are some alternatives around for formative assessment in the area of web-based classroom ‘clickers.’ If you have access to iPads, Chromebooks, or even student cell phones, you can utilize some great (and FREE) web based student response and feedback systems – without the need to purchase additional single-purpose devices.

Here’s a rundown of some great options out there, and what it’s  “Killer Feature” is:

Platform: Killer Feature:
Socrative Great overall features, has Teacher and Student apps, but not required
Mentimeter Unlimited responses – great for school wide surveys
Poll Everywhere SMS/Text voting from student cell phones, free teacher accounts
Nearpod Presentation and assessment in one tool, app or web based presentations, same app for teachers and students
Kahoot “Gamified” assessment, great for review, colorful and fun
Plickers No student device needed – uses paper cards and a teacher cell phone or iPad camera
Google Forms & Flubaroo Easy to build, no additional logins for teachers or students needed

iPads in the Classroom – WCSD 2-Day Workshop 2015

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Jul 132015


Day 1:

Day 2 Topics:

2015 Group Multimedia Presentations

2014 Group Multimedia Presentations

2013 Group Multimedia Presentations

2012 Group Multimedia Presentations

Creating on the iPad – In Depth, URSA 2015

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Jul 072015


Resources we’ll use today:

Our Plan for Today

Today we will create some projects using a few different iPad apps: Explain Everything, Adobe Voice, and Haiku Deck.

Explain Everything is a ‘screencasting’ or interactive whiteboard app that allows you to record your voice and actions on your iPad screen. You can bring in almost any sort of resource: pictures and video from your iPad, any document or PDF, shapes, text, annotations – even interactive web pages!

Adobe Voice is an app that will help you build a narrated “slide show” video, using built-in clip art, photos and video, and your own voice to tell the parts of a story. Best of all, the app will guide you through the process of telling an effective story, prompting you to include the needed story elements based on what type of story you want to tell.

Lastly, Haiku Deck is a sleek and simplified slide deck program, but it’s not your typical “PowerPoint” type slide shows. It’s quick and simple to create elegant slides, and the built in photo picker is amazing.

The Process

First, decide what story you are going to tell with these three apps. You are more than welcome to build projects that you may actually use in your classroom. If you are stuck for an idea, or want to follow along with me, let’s build a project based on your Ultimate Vacation.

Next, you should gather your resources. What photos do you want to use? Find them and save them in your Camera Roll/Photos app, or take them in this step. They may already be there, too! Do you know how to take screenshots??? I’ll show you if not. What video do you want to use? Gather your YouTube (or other sources) video links. What websites do you want to showcase? Gather those URL’s. You can use your ‘Notes’ app or something similar for this. Do you have any documents you’d like to show? Anything else?

Now, we’ll go through integrating these into each of these apps to build your projects. This is sort of the ‘Lesson Planning’ phase. Put your resources into the stages or ‘slides’ in each of these apps and build in what you want to see and use during your ‘instruction’ or recording time. Then, we’ll actually have you record your tour or lesson before we head to the final step.

Now, post it! These videos do you no good if they live only on your iPad. In this last phase, we’ll discuss your options to upload or serve these video projects you’ve created and how to share them with your students.

GPS & GIS in the Classroom – 2015 WCSD Workshop

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Jun 152015


In the next two days, you will gain a good understanding of how you can integrate GPS activities and GIS resources into your instruction. This is a primer course – if you’d like to REALLY get into this topic, participate in the  CMAP Workshop – a 5-day, 3-credit course next summer (or in Cedar City in two weeks!). The permalink above will always get you back to this page for the class resources and links. Go to under the GPS tag for all of my related resoruces.

Day 1 Resources:

Day 2 Resources:

Previous Years:


Get Your Utah Educational Technology Endorsement – ALL Online!

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Jun 092015

uen_logo_print_colorUEN, in partnership with USOE, SUU and the U of U, have been working hard to make earning your Educational Technology Endorsement (ETEP) a LOT easier – especially if you live and teach outside of the Wasatch Front.

The purpose of this updated program is to break down the barriers of distance, cost, and opportunity. In the process course requirements were realigned with the ISTE standards. Through a new partnership with SUU, teachers can now complete the endorsement entirely online and at a low cost. This updated program is not designed to replace those offered by districts who already have an endorsement program. Although open to all, this program is a great opportunity for teachers in rural areas or districts without an endorsement program.

The ETEP requires nine credits from Utah Education Network and nine credits from either Southern Utah University or the University of Utah. The ETEP program is focused around the ISTE Standards for Teachers. Participants will take various courses from standards 1-4. Standard 5 is achieved through participation in the ETEP program and attendance at an EdTech conference.

Also designed into the program is the opportunity for teachers to continue their education with a Master Degree from either SUU or U of U using courses that they have already taken in the ETEP.

Learn more about the new UEN Educational Technology Endorsement Program or check out the SUU ETEP Google Group.

Educreations Activity – iPads for the Classroom WCSD 2015

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Jun 012015

Don’t have the Educreations app? Get it here!


Set up a Student Account:

1.  If you have not done so already, download and install the Educreations app.

2.  Open the App, select “Create Account”, choose “Student”.

3.  Choose “Yes” when asked “Do you have a course code”

4.  Enter PTFWDHK for course code.

5.  Fill out form with your info. Don’t put your email in, use a username instead.


Create a 1 minute tutorial:

1.  Pick one new thing you learned so far this morning.

2.  Take at least 2 screenshots.

3.  Use Educreations to record a short tutorial teaching what you learned using the screen shots.

4.  Video will automatically be posted to the teacher/class account.

5.  Smile because you just created something cool!
Remember to logout of Educreations as my student, and then create your own teacher account.