Nov 202013

Doceri Teacher Rebate Program is a great thing for teachers who have spent their own money on this excellent teaching tool. If a school or organization purchases at least 30+ Doceri licenses, Doceri will (through this page) let a teacher request a rebate for the money they personally spent on Doceri.

When you request a rebate, they’ll deactivate the old licence key, refund your personal credit card, and then re-activate your copy with your new institutional licence key.

Thanks for keeping our hard working educators in mind Doceri!

Sep 042013

Quite often, questions that teachers ask me turn into great ideas for a new blog post. Today, I was asked how to embed an existing PowerPoint presentation into a Google Site. Excellent question!

The screencast below will show you the steps to do this. The bullet points are:

  • Upload your existing PowerPoint presentation file to Google Drive, converting it to the Presentation Drive file type
  • In your site, create a new ‘Web Page’ type page, or edit an existing page of the same type.
  • Under the ‘Insert’ menu, select Drive –> Presentation and choose the newly uploaded and converted presentation.
  • Edit the settings/properties to your liking, Save the insert, then save the page.

Awesomeness Quick Share

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Apr 042013

Below are some great things in EdTech that I’ve come across in the last few weeks – lots of great resources for those of you looking for options with Project Based Learning (PBL) and student response systems:

  • iPad uPad wePad; Going 1-1 at St Oliver Plunkett – This article details the iPad 1 to 1 rollout ‘Bootcamp’ at this school. Don’t miss the posters on Core Teacher Apps, Core Student Apps, and Inquiry Learning with iPads as well as the iPad Boot Camp Summary
  • Nick Vujicic Anti-Bullying Assembly: Utah Simulcast Recording – Hour-long assembly from an internationally known speaker engages and inspires Utah students to be more respectful and supportive of each other.
  • InfuseLearning – A web-based student response system like Socrative, but brings so many more assessment and instructional options – sort of a fusion between Socrative and Nearpod (described below) with the sorts of questions you can ask students. Web based means that you are not tied to a specific device, or even a device at all – anything with a web browser will work! Here’s what it can do.
  • Haiku Deck iPad presentation app – An alternative to Keynote & Prezi on the iPad for presentation creation. Simple to create a presentation, and the interface forces you to focus on keeping the message simple and to the point. Also allows to easily insert stunning copyright-free images, as well as charts and graphs with a few taps. Oh, yeah… it’s FREE. Learn more at
  • Symbaloo – great bookmarking site that works really well on the iPad. Easy to create your own groups or themes of links – check out my Symbaloo collection of the apps I cover in my 60 Educational Apps in 60 Minutes Prezi as well as the Symbaloo collection from EduTeacher.
  • Nearpod – Lucky enough to have a set of iPads or iPod Touches in your classroom? Then you’ll love Nearpod. Nearpod allows you to take control of what your students are viewing during a presentation. You can create or import presentations and then add videos, web sites, quiz questions – even add the ability for students to draw or write their answers. It’s tough to explain how great this app is – check it out!
  • – Self tagged as ‘Google Docs for visual people’, allows groups to collaborate on a giant whitespace (sort of like Prezi) where you can drag pictures, text, sound and videos from any Web site or your computer and map your ideas in a visual way. Check out their intro video below.

Mar 042011

Links and Resources mentioned in this presentation:

Here’s the ‘Google Docs in Plain English video:

Which Presentation “Deadly Sin” have you broken most often?


Jan 112011

With the new Prezi for iPad app, you can easily show prezis wherever your ideas take you. Instead of clicking on buttons, you can simply pan and pinch to zoom and move around the prezi ??? making it even easier to bring your ideas into everyday discussions.

To get started, sign up for an account at and create a prezi. When you???re ready to show it, just login to your Prezi account through the iPad app and select the prezi.

Why use Prezi on the iPad?

  • show your prezis on a portable, lightweight device
  • put ideas at your fingertips by leveraging the iPad???s touchscreen experience
  • keep the focus on your prezi by avoiding the distractions of a browser environment

Prezi iPad application previews

Contest: win a free iPad and a Prezi Pro license for a year!

Win an iPad Create the best prezi that answers the question: Prezi + iPad = ?
Contest rules and entry guidelines will be announced here on January 24, 2011. Enter your information below to receive the contest rules by email.

Prezi is an AMAZING alternative to PowerPoint and other slide-based presentation methods. Just yesterday, I tried showing a Prezi that I had created to a colleague on my iPad, and I was disappointed to see that it would not work.

Today I get an email that there is an iPad app for Prezi, and now, life is great! If you have not tried Prezi, give it a shot – you may never open PowerPoint again!

Nov 032010

More on Prezi Meeting. They have kept it very simple and straight forward. When in Prezi editing mode, just click Meeting –> Invite, and you are presented with a link that you can share with your collaborators.

You can also create a shared Presentation link that you can send out to view a Prezi on separate machines anywhere in the world together. The only thing about this that I don’t really like is that the Presentation link expires after only 10 minutes… I guess this is for security, or that they don’t want people randomly joining in a Prezi a year after the fact, but it would be nice to have a permanent presentation link to post to a web site for training purposes.

Great stuff from Prezi.

Oct 272010

Here’s the files, images, and information that we’ll use today to learn how to create a PowerPoint presentation about how YOU celebrate Halloween. We’ll start off with an empty template file, and work our way up to the completed project, found here:

Jump to the next page for all of the images and information you will need!

Nov 132009

I have been meaning to write a post about Animoto for a long time. Animoto, in their words, “automatically produces beautifully orchestrated, completely unique video pieces from your photos, video clips and music. Fast, free and shockingly easy.” I’d seen it out there on the Interwebs, and had even watched a few finished videos, but today was the first day in a while that I’ve had a chance to give it a try for myself. I give it 4.5 out of 5 Apples (the ease of use and elegance scale). 

It took about 10 minutes to go from heading to Animoto to receiving an email that my video was ready for consumption. I had to take a few minutes off of the actual time since I didn’t have the images ready to go (nor did I really know what photos I’d use), but creating a free 30-second video was about as easy as it gets. 

I uploaded 15 pictures quickly and easily (thankfully all at once and not one-at-a-time like many other photo uploading procedures), into their project organizer. With this, you can set the sequence of the images, add text titles and subtitles and other functions like rotating pictures, shuffle the order, and “spotlight” an image. You can use your own photos, choose from their stock images, or get images from another site if you use Flickr, Facebook, SmugMug, Picasa & Photobucket.

The next step is adding music. The site guides you through the process very well with BIG tabs on the left to show you the order of production. You can select music that they have, or upload your own. They do have quite a good selection of different genres of music with enough options to satisfy most tastes and moods, but not so many choices as to overwhelm. Since I was showing a lot of scenery, I went with a nice classical piece from Mozart.

The next step is the easiest of all… When you tell Animoto to produce your video the robots, or Oompa-Loompas, or the dancing brooms from Fantasia look at your photos, text and music and create a totally unique movie from what you give it. They claim that each one is different – I obviously can’t confirm that, but the product is quite engaging and fun. They email you a link to your video that you can then share with your friends, or send to your teacher to put the rest of the class to shame (unless they TOO used Animoto).

A free account will allow you to make 30 second videos. You can purchase a “credit” for 3$ to make a single full-length video, or you can purchase a one-year “All You Can Eat” account for $30. Animoto does allow you to apply for a free pro account for “a cause”. I have applied for one for educational purposes… I’ll let you all know if education is a good enough cause or not.

Oh, and the even have an app for the iPhone & iPod Touch

All in all, it’s a great, easy and free alternative to the tired PowerPoint presentation. 30 seconds is a little short to effectively get a point across (but that might be a good limitation for some student and teacher projects), and $3/$30 is just too much for access for even one classroom full of kids. The Great-Easy-Free trifecta is one that I am constantly looking for to share with my teachers. Animoto comes very close to that hallowed ground.

Update on March 4, 2010: Since I wrote this, I found a few more intriguing alternatives to PowerPoint: Prezi & 280 Slides. Check them out!