How Do YOU Celebrate Halloween? PowerPoint for Milford Elementary

Here’s the files, images, and information that we’ll use today to learn how to create a PowerPoint presentation about how YOU celebrate Halloween. We’ll start off with an empty template file, and work our way up to the completed project, found here:

Jump to the next page for all of the images and information you will need!

Each section below should be a new slide in your project. You can get the starter template above. The easiest way to get images for your project is to do a Google image search for ‘Halloween Clip Art’

Slide 2 – When is Halloween? What day is Halloween celebrated around the world on?

Slide 3 – Early Halloweens: Halloween originated in Ireland by the Celtic people, over 2000 years ago to mark the end of summer.

Slide 4 – Jack-O-Lanterns: Today, Jack-o-lanterns are carved from pumpkins and lit with candles.  Originally the Celts used carved turnips to light their way.

Slide 5 – Trick or Treat: Today children dress up in funny or scary costumes and go from door to door in their neighborhood seeking treats.

Slide 6 – Spooky Things: Some of the spooky things you might see on Halloween are haunted houses, ghosts, skeletons, witches, black cats and bats!

Slide 7 – Happy Halloween: Have fun and be safe on October 31!

If there’s time, here are a few scary Halloween sounds that you can import to your project (obtained from Countess Bloods Halloween Horror site – clean):

Ghostly Giggles mp3:

Slow Spooky Laugh mp3:

Happy Halloween mp3:

Monster mp3:

Some files/templates/images courtesy of Wendy Russell and Presentation Software, © Wendy Russell 2006-2009.




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