Prezi for iPad

With the new Prezi for iPad app, you can easily show prezis wherever your ideas take you. Instead of clicking on buttons, you can simply pan and pinch to zoom and move around the prezi ??? making it even easier to bring your ideas into everyday discussions.

To get started, sign up for an account at and create a prezi. When you???re ready to show it, just login to your Prezi account through the iPad app and select the prezi.

Why use Prezi on the iPad?

  • show your prezis on a portable, lightweight device
  • put ideas at your fingertips by leveraging the iPad???s touchscreen experience
  • keep the focus on your prezi by avoiding the distractions of a browser environment

Prezi iPad application previews

Contest: win a free iPad and a Prezi Pro license for a year!

Win an iPad Create the best prezi that answers the question: Prezi + iPad = ?
Contest rules and entry guidelines will be announced here on January 24, 2011. Enter your information below to receive the contest rules by email.

Prezi is an AMAZING alternative to PowerPoint and other slide-based presentation methods. Just yesterday, I tried showing a Prezi that I had created to a colleague on my iPad, and I was disappointed to see that it would not work.

Today I get an email that there is an iPad app for Prezi, and now, life is great! If you have not tried Prezi, give it a shot – you may never open PowerPoint again!

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