Dec 032012

Want to do more with your iPad to engage your students? Have them create animated story problems for the math concepts you are covering. Using the Explain Everything and SMART Notebook apps for the iPad, I’ll show you the steps you or your students can take to create a fun and interactive story problem in minutes. Can’t see the video below because YouTube is blocked? View it on SchoolTube.

Mar 162012

Sketchpad Explorer

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  • Free
  • Category: Education
  • Released: Aug 02, 2011
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Size: 2.9 MB
  • Language: English
  • Seller: KCP Technologies, Inc.
  • ?? 2011 KCP Technologies, Inc.

Requirements: Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 3.2 or later

Geometers Sketchpad is an amazing desktop application for Math teachers to help visualize math and make it tangible for their students.

Now, it looks like they have an iPad version with included activities and workbooks for elementary math, early algebra and geometry – and it’s free!

Aug 102011

HTML Codes for Mathematics

HTML codes to put mathematics characters on your Web page

The following list includes the HTML codes for mathematics characters not in the standard character set. Not all browsers support all the codes, so be sure to test your HTML codes before you use them.

Some Mathematics characters are part of the Unicode character set, so you need to declare that in the head of your documents:

<meta http-equiv=”content-type” content=”text/html;charset=utf-8″ />

See the Codes | HTML Country Codes | HTML Language Codes | HTML Codes and Special Characters

How to Use HTML Codes for Special Characters | More Math Help

Characters for Specific Languages and Uses:
Czech, Slovak, and Slovenian | French |German |Greek |Hawaiian |Italian |Polish |Romanian |Russian (Cyrillic) |Spanish |Turkish |
Currency Codes |Mathematical Codes |Punctuation Codes |Pronunciation Codes | Diacritics Codes |ASCII Codes Sub-Set

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X-keys Inserts SymbolsInsert Unicode or special character with one tap on a labeled

Russian CertificationCertification for export to Russia, Kazakhstan, and

Attention Math TeachersNeed Online Grad Courses? Offered by Converse

Display Friendly Code Numerical Code Hex Code Description
???   Minus Sign
+ + + + Plus Sign
?? &plusmn; ± ± Plus or Minus Sign
?? &times; × × Multiplication Sign
?? &divide; ÷ ÷ Division Sign
% % % % Percent Sign
???   Per Million Sign
= = = = Equal Sign
???   Not Equal To Sign
???   Approximately Equal Sign
???   Identical To Sign
< &lt; < < Less Than Sign
> &gt; > > Greater Than Sign
???   Less Than or Equal To Sign
???   Greater Than or Equal To Sign
???   Infinity Sign
???   One Eighth Fraction
?? &frac14; ¼ ¼ One Quarter Fraction
???   Three Eighths Fraction
?? &frac12; ½ ½ One Half Fraction
???   Five Eighths Fraction
?? &frac34; ¾ ¾ Three Quarters Fraction
???   Seven Eighths Fraction
???   Integral Sign
???   Partial Differential Sign
???   Increment Sign
???   N-ary Product Sign
???   N-ary Sum Sign
???   Square Root Sign
???   Right Angle Sign
???   Intersection Sign
???   Bullet Operator
??   ƒ ƒ Function Sign
???   Fraction Slash
Jennifer Kyrnin

This page is for all of the Math Geeks (an affectionate term) out there who try to add equations and math problems on their teacher web pages. Without an online equation editor like this one, it can be a challenge to write equations in HTML.

Jul 152011


  • Vernier Video Physics: Take a video of an object in motion, mark its position frame by frame, and set up the scale using a known distance. Video Physics then draws trajectory, position, and velocity graphs for the object. Perform on-the-go analysis of interesting motions. Measure the velocity of a child’s swing, a roller-coaster, or a car. Free.
  • EarthObserver: Learn about our planet’s terrestrial landscapes, oceans and seas, frozen ice caps, atmosphere and clouds, geologic terrains, topography, nautical charts, natural hazards, human impacts, and many other earth and environmental science topics as you travel and explore with your finger tips. Free.
  • Wolfram Alpha: With Wolfram|Alpha on your iPad, you can explore a vast world of knowledge, whether hanging out at the local coffee shop or relaxing on your couch. Use Wolfram|Alpha to discover new information about the world and to breathe expert knowledge into any facet of your life. $1.99 Universal App
  • Emerald Observatory: Emerald Observatory displays a wealth of astronomical information all on one screen, in a unique but understandable format. Information includes: – Times of rise and set for the Sun, the Moon, and the 5 classical planets, – Times of the beginning and ending of twilight, – Heliocentric orrery (display of the planets in orbit around the Sun), – Current phase and apparent orientation and relative size of the moon and LOTS more. $0.99
  • Stellarium: Stellarium is a planetarium for your iPhone. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. Let’s you identify almost any celestial body, constellation, cluster, etc. Includes: Images of nebulae, realistic Milky Way, planets and their satellites, powerful zoom and time control. Even has a point-to-identify mode using the iPad gyro! Free
  • Mythbusters HD: This is a fun honorable mention. Watch the most popular full screen MythBusters video clips and compete against other fans by busting 3 popular myths through full screen, multilevel casual games. Games are good, fun physics simulations and lead you to bust a myth on your own. If you like the show, you’ll love the app. $4.99
  • Nature Human Genome Special Edition: The draft human genome sequence, announced in 2000 promised great insights into human biology, medicine and evolution. To celebrate the 10th anniversary, Nature has repackaged the Human Genome at Ten news special into a free iPad App. Free
  • Periodic Table of the Elements: This is a standard periodic table of the elements – a necessity for anyone interested in or even exposed chemistry. However, the version differs in that instead of cramming all the information for an element into one little square, you can select a chemical attribute and have the entire chart color coded to plainly show how the different elements vary with regard to the selected trait. Free
  • 3D Brain: Use your touch screen to rotate and zoom around 29 interactive structures. Discover how each brain region functions, what happens when it is injured, and how it is involved in mental illness. Each detailed structure comes with information on functions, disorders, brain damage, case studies, and links to modern research. Free
  • iLab: Timer HD: In the Science lab, sometimes you just need to keep track of time. A stop-watch is good, but what if you need to keep track of 10 different experiments or tests? iLab: Timer HD will let you track the time, to a tenth of a second, of up to 10 different events. $1.99
  • The Elements: A Visual Exploration: If you think you’ve seen the periodic table, think again. The Elements: A Visual Exploration lets you experience the beauty and fascination of the building blocks of our universe in a way you’ve never seen before. This is the US English version of The Elements. Fully translated versions are also available in French, German, Japanese, and British English. $13.99
  • Solar Walk: “This 3D Solar System model enables you to navigate through space and time, observe all the planets in close-up, learn their trajectories, inner structure, history of their exploration, points of interest and more. Use 3D mode to get a more realistic experience! And zoom out to view and spin the entire Galaxy!” $2.99
  • Math

    • Number Line: Number LIne is a game that helps students lean about fractions, decimals, and percents by ordering equivalent fractions, decimals, and percents on a number line. $0.99
    • My Math App: My Math Flash Card App is for mastering basic elementary math facts. Free
    • Math Drills Lite: Graphically rich and fun environment allows a single students to learn basic math skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Free
    • Times Tables: Math Practice app that is engaging, fun and enriching. Multiple version available. Free
    • Flash to Pass: Flash to pass is an easy-to-use, elegant program designed to facilitate mastering the basic math facts learned in Elementary school. Free
    • Pop Math: Fun drill for practicing math facts. There is now a lite version, and an iPad version. $0.99
    • Quick Graph: Quick Graph is a powerful, high quality, graphic calculator that takes full advantage of the multitouch display
      and powerful graphic capibilites of the iPad. Free
    • SAT Math Testbank: Challenging simulated test questions with detailed solution to prepare for the Math Section of the SAT test. Free
    • Rocket Math: Play one of the 56 different math missions. Missions range in difficulty from even/odd numbers all the way to square roots, so kids and their parents will enjoy hours of fun while learning math. $0.99
    • MathBoard: MathBoard is appropriate for all ages from kindergarten (with simple addition and subtraction problems) to elementary school where learning multiplication and division can be a challenge. You can control the range of numbers you want to work with, the amount of questions you want to answer and even assign a time limit per quiz. $3.99
    • Math Magic: Math Magic uses a combination of your choice of vibrant colours, simple interface and a reward system of stars to encourage and teach kids between the ages of 3 and 8. It’s really easy to use. The child simply has to tap on an answer to solve the problem. Whether they get the answer right or not, a real voice expresses appreciation for the child choosing a response. $0.99
    • Science 360

      Leaf Snap


      Everyday Mathmatics from McGraw Hill

      Our World – Al Gore app

      CK-12 Text Books


      From Guy Durrant



      • Biology
        • Cell Imaging HD (slow load, beautiful images, large database)
        • LeafSnap electronic fieldguide. Free, but limited iPod and iPad
        • 3D Cell Simulation and Stain Tool (beautiful images, slow to download) Rotate and zoom. Free (iPad)
        • Dichot key (for use within the BYU Monte Bean museum) free
      • Phyx
        • Intellective Physics (Free)
        • Video Science (large collection of science demo videos) Free
      • Astronomy there are bucketloads of astronomy apps
        • GoSkyWatch (free or $3.99 for +
        • SkyOrb 3D Free +
        • StarWalk (2.99 iPod, 4.99 iPad)
        • Planets (free) +
        • Exoplanet (free) db of all extrasolar planets
        • pUniverse ($2.99+, 3.99 iPad), pU Express is free
      • Geology
        • Seismic (iPod) (.99) not pretty, but fast and effective
        • QuakeWatch + (.99)
        • USGSSeismic (free) RSS feed from USGS (iPod)

        Mar 012011

        Today, we’ll take a look at the benchmark exams available in UTIPS for the math teachers in Iron county. We’ll show you an alternate way to access these tests – other than copying the tests to a teachers UTIPS account – which has some vast benefits. 

        Access the Iron Math Benchmark Exams here: – this is the same address that your students will use to access the tests.
          Taking a test this way requires that teachers have their students set up in their own UTIPS account ahead of the time that the benchmark exams are taken. The instructions on how to do this are included in this post as the Managing Students.doc – view and download below.

          Here’s how your teachers and students should be accessing these exams:

          Accessing the tests this way not only gives the teacher identified with the detailed login a copy of the test results, but the Iron Math master account gets a copy of the results as well for every student that access the test DISTRICT WIDE. This will allow for more broad data analysis – more data = good!

          Hopefully you can see the advantage of students taking these exams. They can provide valuable data and insight as to how students are doing and progressing in their learning. We hope that you will urge your teachers to use these tests and have their students take them, and then using the results to their best advantage.

          Feel free to share this article, the handouts and video with your teachers so that they can get the ball rolling on these benchmark exams. As always, PLEASE let me know how I can help with this process, UTIPS, or any other technology and data in your schools.

          Feb 162011

          Today we’ll have a UTIPS Refresher training, with some special attention paid to Math teachers who at times need to use custom equations in their questions that, unfortunately, can’t be built within UTIPS anymore.

          Let’s first start off here at my UTIPS Student Page: – head there and quickly take the short math quiz that I’ve prepared for you called Iron Math Test. We’ll use the data generated from your results to start our training with a review of the Reports area of your UTIPS accounts.

          After the review of the basics (see attached document), we’ll show these teachers a few HTML formatting tips & tricks (see attached PDF document), how to use an Online Equation Editor/Generator, and how to use Wolfram Alpha to generate images of equation plots to use in their questions.

          Nov 222010

          Here’s the notes from the Common Core Presentation at the UCTM Conference by David Smith, USOE Elementary Math Specialist, and Diana Suddreth, USOE Secondary Math Specialist. I’ve also included the audio recording of the presentation which matches up with the included time stamps. My apologies for the poor recording – it was the best my iPad microphone could do.

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