Have Questions About the Math Common Core in Utah?

Here’s the notes from the Common Core Presentation at the UCTM Conference by David Smith, USOE Elementary Math Specialist, and Diana Suddreth, USOE Secondary Math Specialist. I’ve also included the audio recording of the presentation which matches up with the included time stamps. My apologies for the poor recording – it was the best my iPad microphone could do.

Common Core At UCTM – Presentation Audio Available Here

00:00: Presented by David Smith, Elementary Math, and Diana Suddreth, Secondary Math, USOE.

01:08: It’s NOT National! Meaning this change is NOT Federally driven. They are voluntary state standards.

02:12: Now Up to 39 states in the consortium.

03:44: Math will be a multiple-year roll out. Next year will begin teaching the Common Core (CC) in 6 and 9th grade math teachers. PD will begin this summer.

05:20: K-8th grade math courses, then secondary algebra/geometry I and II, then secondary III, which is like algebra II

06:36: There will be an honors track as well. Students completing the honors series will not require precalculus – will have covered it within the secondary courses. Honors courses will begin being offered to 7th grade on up.

10:00: There will be curriculum guides for each standard or concept in the core cluster: will give concepts and skills to master, critical background knowledge, academic vocab, suggested instructional strategies, resources, and sample formative assessment items.

15:17: Common core does not dictate pedagogy. Curriculum guides have core descriptions, and suggestions for instruction.

18:34: Some problems with next years 7th graders taking algebra.

19:35: No graduation reqs have been set yet, but probably will be secondary I, II, and III.

20:23: Current 9th graders on up will never experience CC classes, lower grades will get some, and next years 6th graders will be the first through the whole track.

22:15: Endorsements: k-6, nothing extra needed. 7-8 will need a math 2 endorsement, secondary I-III and secondary HI will need a level 3 endorsement

24:04: Where are we going?: crosswalk documents are ready, will show up on USOE site SOON

25:33: Assessment: nothing to say now. It is being worked on. Common assessment items are being worked on within the consortium.

26:37: PD: core academy will change focus – K-12 welcome, will focus on CC. Working with legislature to bring back some PD funding.

29:03: What should teachers be doing right now?: start working with the “community” share info about what is coming, fight the misconceptions, talk to students, talk to parents, convey accurate information in papers, newsletters, etc. Look at the math practice standards (similar to ILO’s).

32:45: Questions?: struggling students? Split secondary I? Split no, double-block yes. Can’t catch kids up by slowing them down.

38:45: Acceleration question.

39:26: Advisory committee statement from David

40:25: Corestandards.org available now. Crosswalk documents: Google Utah elementary math or secondary math assessment to quickly get to those.

43:00: Non successful students? Three tier interventions.

45:35: 7th grade remediation concerns? See above

47:00: Special ed?

47:24: Training for 3-tier model?

48:56: When will we see the curriculum guides? March for 6th & 9th

49:44: Role of sped teachers for 6th grade?

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