Special Characters & Symbols in HTML for Mathematics

HTML Codes for Mathematics

HTML codes to put mathematics characters on your Web page

The following list includes the HTML codes for mathematics characters not in the standard character set. Not all browsers support all the codes, so be sure to test your HTML codes before you use them.

Some Mathematics characters are part of the Unicode character set, so you need to declare that in the head of your documents:

<meta http-equiv=”content-type” content=”text/html;charset=utf-8″ />

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Display Friendly Code Numerical Code Hex Code Description
???   Minus Sign
+ + + + Plus Sign
?? &plusmn; ± ± Plus or Minus Sign
?? &times; × × Multiplication Sign
?? &divide; ÷ ÷ Division Sign
% % % % Percent Sign
???   Per Million Sign
= = = = Equal Sign
???   Not Equal To Sign
???   Approximately Equal Sign
???   Identical To Sign
< &lt; < < Less Than Sign
> &gt; > > Greater Than Sign
???   Less Than or Equal To Sign
???   Greater Than or Equal To Sign
???   Infinity Sign
???   One Eighth Fraction
?? &frac14; ¼ ¼ One Quarter Fraction
???   Three Eighths Fraction
?? &frac12; ½ ½ One Half Fraction
???   Five Eighths Fraction
?? &frac34; ¾ ¾ Three Quarters Fraction
???   Seven Eighths Fraction
???   Integral Sign
???   Partial Differential Sign
???   Increment Sign
???   N-ary Product Sign
???   N-ary Sum Sign
???   Square Root Sign
???   Right Angle Sign
???   Intersection Sign
???   Bullet Operator
??   ƒ ƒ Function Sign
???   Fraction Slash
Jennifer Kyrnin

This page is for all of the Math Geeks (an affectionate term) out there who try to add equations and math problems on their teacher web pages. Without an online equation editor like this one, it can be a challenge to write equations in HTML.

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