Jan 292014

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You can find these resources later by using the Interactive Whiteboards tag on my site.

First Things First – Orient The Board

  • Orienting the board matches up the location of your pen on the board to the corresponding screen location.
  • You can orient the board when you first launch Notebook, from the Help (?) Button on the board, or by pressing both the Keyboard and Right Click buttons on the base of the board together.
  • Help button (or anything else) not working correctly? You may need to download and install the SMARTBoard Drivers

References and Handouts

Notebook – Kinda like a chalk board, but so much better

  • With SMART Notebook software, you can quickly access all lesson materials from one convenient location. Intuitive tools and features enable you to easily create, deliver and manage interactive lessons. You can also add graphics and multimedia content instantly to any assessment or lesson.
  • Create your lessons beforehand, at home or at school, or during class on the fly.
  • Save Notebooks for later use, or export the pages as images, PDF’s, or web pages to share with your students (It’s a great idea to make these resources available to students and parents from your web site) – In Notebook, head to File –> Export to see the options.
  • Access the SMART Exchange directly
  • Browse or search the Gallery for virtually anything you may need
  • Use the Screen Shade for an incremental reveal of your page – like the old piece of paper on the overhead projector!
  • Use the Magic Pen to make sure your students are following along. Ink disappears after a certain amount of time.
  • Shape Recognition Pen will turn those squiggly, wavering circles into perfect spheres
  • Customize the Toolbar so that the tools you use most often are at your fingertips

Download, Access and USE the ‘Extras’

Capturing screen shots and Recording everything

  • The Screen Capture Toolbar (Camera icon) will allow you to capture or take “pictures” of your screen to use in your Notebooks. The toolbar has 4 options:
    • a selected area of the screen
    • a selected window
    • a free-hand selected shape
    • the entire screen
  • The SMART Recorder (Camcorder icon) will allow you to basically record everything that happens on your computer, including sound or a microphone if it’s connected, to create an archive or ‘Screencast’ of your lesson

Handwriting to Text

  • There’s also the on-screen keyboard to enter text – just hit the Help (?) Button on the board.

Keeping up, or Going Further

Here are some additional learning resources that you can listen to or watch anytime, anywhere to further your learning and expertise with this amazing teaching tool. These are links to podcasts, and will take you directly to iTunes:

Jan 212013

Thanks for joining me today to learn a little bit more about some great apps and services available online and on the iPad to help you and your students keep up on the latest news, create some great multimedia projects and utilize any web-enabled device for quizzes and review.

The apps that we will cover today are (iTunes links):

PDF of Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation

Sep 102012

First of all, thank you all for your patience during the migration from your old school site management software to the new Concrete5 based system. Concrete5 should be MUCH easier for you to use – no more sections and categories! Just go to the page you’d like to update, and edit!

Your new school site is located at http://pes.garfk12.org – it’s linked from the district site as well. If you need to access anything from your old site to bring it to your new page, you can find that at http://www.pes.garfield.k12.ut.us

To log in, your username is your first name and last name combined with no spaces – firstlast. Your password is pes1234, and the first thing that we’ll need to do is to change that password!

If you have questions about how to make changes to your site after today, you can always refer to the Concrete5 Documentation Page where you’ll find instructionsl and videos on about any topic you’ll need.

Apr 172012

Today we’ll be going through a few of the more advanced things you can do with your iPad in the classroom – for you, your teaching, and for student produced projects. 

Here’s the agenda for our session today, complete with links to the apps that I’ll be highlighting and their cost (if any). If the cost does not follow the name of the app, it’s a free one.