Google Sites for Bryce Valley Elementary

Permalink: OnTrack Section #: 66829, Course #: 59500 Today we will get you well on your way to a new Google Site (sorry about the demise of Posterous…). The best place I can point you is to the Google Sites help page, as well as the Google Sites tag on my site.

Updating Your New School Page on Concrete

First of all, thank you all for your patience during the migration from your old school site management software to the new Concrete5 based system. Concrete5 should be MUCH easier for you to use – no more sections and categories! Just go to the pa…

iPad Follow-Up Training for Garfield

Attached is a PDF of the training for today – the links are active! Just click on the app or service that I’ve linked with the underlined words, and you’ll be taken to that resource immediately!