Aug 102014


This is an exciting time in Beaver County. It will be amazing to see just what you, your teachers and students can accomplish with 24/7 access to Chromebooks, Google Drive, the Internet, and the World. We have a LOT to cover today – here’s our ambitious agenda. All of the information and resources we will cover today are accessible from the presentation below:

Aug 082013

OnTrack Section #: 65480, Course #: 58985

Today we’ll get you up to speed on your iPads and show you some amazing things you’ll be able to do in your 1:1 iPad classrooms. I’ll include links to everything we discuss today below, as well as a PDF and PowerPoint version of my presentation. The plan for today includes:

  • Cover the basics to get everyone on the same page
  • Presenting from your iPad: How to control and project your classroom computer, and how to project your iPad screen using Apple TV
  • Screencasting – creating learning objects with some cool interactive white board type apps
  • Creating rich media projects like narrated slide shows, picture- and full blown eBooks, and full movies.
  • Classroom quizzing and formative assessment with free web-based tools
  • Finding good places for educational apps & media

1-1 iPad Classroom Solutions PDF

1-1 iPad Classroom Solutions PowerPoint

Here’s the presentation from a similar session at the Rural Schools Conference in July, using Google+ Hangout On-Air (YouTube Video).

Apps, links and resources for each area above:

Feb 062013

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Plex is a free server system that shares/delivers media to other computers and connected devices within your school network. Plex can be set up on almost any computer in your school that has sufficient storage and speed to serve media to your teachers/students.

Take a look at the presentation below to learn more about how to set up and use Plex as a media server for your school.

Or, you can download a PowerPoint version of the presentation here:

Media Management Magic with Plex PPT

Links included in the presentation (links open in a new window):

Ideas for using Plex in Schools:

  • Easily manage educational videos from eMedia
  • Easily add and distribute videos, audio files, podcasts, iTunes U content to teachers desktops with the Plex Media Center or to teacher/student iPads with the Plex app ($4.99)
  • Great place to archive and distribute student videos, photos, podcasts
  • Access online content ‘Channels’ like YouTube, TedEd and others
Nov 162012
In our smaller districts, educators are in a pilot where they are providing upper level courses to both students in their classroms and to students in other schools across the district, using a high-end video conferencing system. This first year has been a tough go for many of them, so we got them all together to share their successes and failures. We took some time showing them how to use Canvas and the benefits of doing so, as well as some strategies to be successful with working with distance-students.
After hearing from these teachers, I showed them a few tools and services that were out there that could potentially help them out. Here’s the list:
Feb 242011

Today, we’ll explore all of the amazing resources available to you and your students, from school AND at home, through Pioneer Library from UEN. We’ll keep the information here very brief. 

Bookmark this page as a quick guide to Pioneer Resources by topic or category. Teachers and students can access Pioneer from home by heading to, using pioneer and search as the password to login. The password changes once a year, but you can always head back to the Pioneer main page from school to see what the current password is.

Once we have completed our tour of Pioneer, you may want to partake in the Pioneer Library Scavenger Hunt that you can use or adapt for use in your school or classroom. All that I ask is that instead of doing the last section on the Visual Thesaurus (which is not in Pioneer any longer), that you explore another section of Pioneer NOT already included in the scavenger hunt and write 3 of your own questions of resources or information to find. I’ll compile these questions, and add it back to a MASTER Scavenger Hunt, which I’ll include here for your use later on.
Apr 142010

eMedia??is still the first place to look for thousands of educational videos available for teaching Utah’s core curricula, but it has a new look and feel and may look a little different to you. The new interface is much easier to navigate and is designed to get you the educational video content you need quickly!??eMedia??is accessed through Utah’s??Pioneer Online Library,??along with a wealth of other great resources.

There are??a few things that MAY need to be updated to get started??and successfully use eMedia in your classroom on your computer. There is also a??Getting Started Guide??to help you with some of the most frequently asked questions.

Audio Book links and resources:
Lit2Go??- Free audio ‘books’ from the Classics in chapters that you can download for free from iTunesU
Feb 052010

Some quick links for today’s training – I’ll add more information as we encounter it!

– YouTube Home
– Having problems viewing videos? Get the latest version of Flash
– YouTube Handbook: Watching and Collecting Videos
– eMedia, accessed through Pioneer Library
– Get the latest version of QuickTime & Windows Media
– iTunesU K-12 home
Lit2Go from University of South Florida – free audio books for K-12