1:1 iPad Classroom Solutions for Crimson View Elementary

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Today we’ll get you up to speed on your iPads and show you some amazing things you’ll be able to do in your 1:1 iPad classrooms. I’ll include links to everything we discuss today below, as well as a PDF and PowerPoint version of my presentation. The plan for today includes:

  • Cover the basics to get everyone on the same page
  • Presenting from your iPad: How to control and project your classroom computer, and how to project your iPad screen using Apple TV
  • Screencasting – creating learning objects with some cool interactive white board type apps
  • Creating rich media projects like narrated slide shows, picture- and full blown eBooks, and full movies.
  • Classroom quizzing and formative assessment with free web-based tools
  • Finding good places for educational apps & media

1-1 iPad Classroom Solutions PDF

1-1 iPad Classroom Solutions PowerPoint

Here’s the presentation from a similar session at the Rural Schools Conference in July, using Google+ Hangout On-Air (YouTube Video).

Apps, links and resources for each area above:

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