Jan 112016

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Below you will find additional resources from my site on the topics we will be covering today:

Aug 152014

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Welcome to Beaver County School District! I don’t have a set agenda for today, so we’ll let your questions guide where we go and what we do. Below are links to other posts and presentations from my site that will help after and go beyond what we cover today:

Aug 102014

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This is an exciting time in Beaver County. It will be amazing to see just what you, your teachers and students can accomplish with 24/7 access to Chromebooks, Google Drive, the Internet, and the World. We have a LOT to cover today – here’s our ambitious agenda. All of the information and resources we will cover today are accessible from the presentation below:

Apr 282014

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Today, we will take a tour of some of the amazing Web-based apps available in the Chrome Web Store for Chromebooks, the Chrome Browser, or really any other web browser out there, as long as you are not stuck on IE 8 or lower. 😉 We will take a look at:

We also ended up giving you an introduction to the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS).  For more detail on the different functions of Canvas, take a look at the Canvas Video Guides.

Mar 072014

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View today’s training (YouTube)

SAGE Writing & Summative Training Outline/Agenda

  1. SAGE System Overview
  2. SAGE Summative – Notes From the Field (slides 1-18)
    1. Actual testing time averages
    2. Writing test lengths
    3. Ways to reduce testing time
    4. Suggestions from districts who have completed trimester tests
    5. Vertical Linking Items
    6. Ethics reminder – Ethics Policy here
    7. Test Administration Manual
  3. SAGE Writing Resources (slides 19-23)
    1. Opinion & Informative Essay Rubrics, sample writing tasks, as well as scored writing samples from the Training Test prompts are on the SAGE Portal here (Teachers → Teacher Resources)
    2. Hopefully examples from grades 3-6 are available in the same spot soon
    3. In Common: Effective Writing for All Students
    4. SAGE ELA Blueprints
    5. ELA Samples of Student Writing and Exemplars from UEN
    6. DWA and SAGE Writing
      1. Students need to take both this year
      2. SAGE Writing will replace DWA after this year
      3. USOE is working on a Utah Writes replacement for all grades
  4. SAGE Training Tests (slides 24-32)
    1. Purpose
    2. Content Areas & Grade Bands
    3. Best Practices
    4. Video: Item taking tips from USOE content specialists

SAGE Assessment System Overview:

Gearing Up for SAGE Writing & Summative Assessments:

Apr 172012

Today we’ll be going through a few of the more advanced things you can do with your iPad in the classroom – for you, your teaching, and for student produced projects. 

Here’s the agenda for our session today, complete with links to the apps that I’ll be highlighting and their cost (if any). If the cost does not follow the name of the app, it’s a free one.


Mar 232012
Thanks for attending the UTIPS Core training for Milford Elementary this afternoon. Let's start by pointing you to the UTIPS Core link for Beaver School District:

Feel free to download the note sheet, as well as the??UTIPS Core Manual (PDF). You can also??access the entire UTIPS Core Training page on my site.

Here are the Enrollment Codes that you'll need to set up an account on UTIPS Core for our training today.??

Milford Elementary School:
1st Grade – above87
2nd Grade – grew84
3rd Grade – laugh17
4th Grade – cent81
5th Grade – place28
6th Grade – soft24
Special Education – carry33

NOTE: These codes will expire on Friday, April 6 2012.??