Project Based Learning Activities for Crimson View Elementary

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Instead of just talking about Project Based Learning and many great apps that can help out, today we are going to experience PBL first hand. Today, your task is: Create a brief project, using a creative app of your choosing, to explain how Project Based Learning works. Alternatively, your project can highlight 8 elements that make a good PBL project. Then, present your project, demonstrating & evaluating your selected app.


App Evaluation (Download this checklist (thanks to

  • What are 2 strengths of this app for PBL? 2 weaknesses?
  • Check for a Yes, blank for a No on the following list for your app:
    • Use of app is relevant to the purpose and student needs
    • Help or tutorial is available in the app
    • Content is appropriate for the student
    • Information is error-free, factual, and reliable
    • Content can be exported, copied, or printed
    • App’s settings and/or content can be customized
    • Customized content can be transferred to other devices
    • History is kept of student use of the app
    • Design of app is functional and visually stimulating
    • Student can exit app at any time without losing progress
    • Works with accessibility options like VoiceOver and Speak Selection
    • App is free of charge
    • No in-app purchases are necessary for intended use of app
    • App loads quickly and does not crash
    • App contains no advertising
    • App has been updated in the last 6 months
    • App promotes creativity and imagination
    • App provides opportunities to use higher order thinking skills
    • App promotes collaboration and idea sharing
    • App provides useful feedback
  • Would you use this app with your students? Why or why not?

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