Sep 242013

InfuseLearning – This is a newer platform to me, but it has some powerful features: Multiple language support, response options including text, sort, MC, open ended, numeric, Likert and even drawings! Ask questions on the fly, or set up a series of quiz questions. Sign up and use for FREE! Once you have an account teachers login here, and students head to your class here.

Socrative – Free online web-based student response system for quick quizzes that can gather student responses from anywhere they have a computer, laptop or any web-enabled device. Once you sign up for an account, students will access your quiz questions by going to & entering your room number.

Poll Everywhere – Also a type of student response system, also free to educators, but allows students to respond to questions or vote with a text/SMS message from any cell phone (standard text message rates apply for responses). Poll questions can be embedded into a PowerPoint slide show as well. Head to my page to vote online:

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