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Online Testing

An online test should be easy to install, intuitive to use, cost-effective, and more powerful than a paper test. Working together, our test developers, computer scientists, and statisticians have designed a test delivery system that offers innovative, machine-scored items on fixed and adaptive forms.

Delivering Tests Online

Demo With little to no training, students can easily take AIR’s online tests.

Our efficient user interface enables students to clearly show what they know. Our usability feature, available to all students, reduces specific barriers for students with disabilities.

Simple, Effective Security Procedures

Video AIR’s test administrators (TA) workstation simplifies administration security tasks.

Through AIR’s TA workstation, authorized TAs can easily create and monitor test sessions and view and set test accommodation options. Authorized district personnel can also take immediate action in the event of security breaches.

Automated, Machine-Scored Constructed Response Items

Demo AIRs test developers and computer scientists are developing new ways to measure higher level skills on online tests.

Collaborations among mathematicians, content experts and computer scientists yield new ways to assess students’ ability to apply knowledge on computerized tests. AIRs patent-pending model supports rich, diverse and innovative types of items that cost no more than traditional items to develop.

May I introduce you to Utah’s new adaptive assessment system for both formative and summative assessments. Looks intriguing! I can’t wait to learn more about it.

See an article from the Salt Lake Tribune about this new system. You can also review the USOE Announcement of the new adaptive testing system from AIR.

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