Oct 052016

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SAGE Assessment System LogoThe Utah State Board of Education (USBE) has released some new options for Utah Core-subject teachers for formative assessment to give them better data and to help prepare students for the SAGE Summative Assessments.

SAGE Benchmark exams are shorter than the Full- or Class-Period Interim assessments, consisting of approximately 20 questions. They are available for 3-11th grade Language Arts, Math and Science courses, focused on the individual standards/strands of the core. They are not adaptive, as the Summative and Interim assessments are, but 2-4 different versions or forms are available to enable the benchmarks to be used for pre- and post-assessments. Another great approach is to use your early Interim results as a baseline, and then assess students with the benchmark assessments as teachers complete instruction on each standard/strand.

Below are some additional documents with more information about the new SAGE Benchmark Assessments:

  • Accessing Benchmark Modules (PDF) – A quick guide to access the benchmark modules
  • Summary of Science Benchmark Module Assessments (PDF) – Tables that provide information about the content of each modular assessment for Science
  • Summary of ELA Benchmark Module Assessments (PDF) – Tables that provide information about the content of each modular assessment for ELA
  • Summary of Math Benchmark Module Assessments (PDF) – Tables that provide information about the content of each modular assessment for Math
  • AIR Ways Benchmarks District Guide  (PDF) – Provides help on using the new AIR Ways reporting system for accessing Benchmark results
  • AIR Ways Benchmarks School Guide  (PDF) – Provides help on using the new AIR Ways reporting system for accessing Benchmark results
  • AIR Ways Benchmarks Teacher Guide  (PDF) – Provides help on using the new AIR Ways reporting system for accessing Benchmark results
  • Template for Uploading Test Windows (PDF) – This is a sample excel file that can be used to upload Test Windows for an LEA or School. There is a tab with a full list of test names for each instrument showing the correct format for the upload process. Best practice, if you are electing to use test windows, is to upload a window for each instrument with the dates they will be delivered. To control the dates tests will be available in the TA interface, they must be in a window or their access will default to the full state window.
Jan 202014

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Here’s the plan for our session today. We’ll learn about:

  • Presenting from the iPad – by controlling your desktop or by displaying your iPad screen on the projector
  • Screencasting – creating learning objects with some cool interactive white board type apps
  • Creating rich media projects like narrated slide shows, picture- and full blown eBooks, and full movies.
  • Classroom quizzing and formative assessment with free web-based tools

You can download the presentation for our session today below:

Apps, links and resources for each area above:

Nov 222013

SAGE Summative Training Tests should be available on the SAGE Portal in December. However, Hawaii, Oregon, and SBAC have Training Tests available now for students without login… open and available to try as “guest”

Hawaii Training Tests

Oregon Training Tests


  • https://sbacpt.tds.airast.org/student/
  • Has Practice Tests more like the ELA/Math will be in SAGE Summative
  • SBAC has Practice Tests for 3rd-8th and 11th Grade. Each grade contains: Math/Math Performance Task and ELA/ ELA Performance Task tests

*this information from Jon Cohen/AIR

Apr 102013

Curious about what the new assessment system for Utah will look like? You can try out several sample items on the demo site here: http://demo.tds.airast.org/AIRAssessment/

It’s surely not your Mother’s (or even my) old multiple-guess test that students could blow through in 5 minutes (if they were so inclined). Rich items, interactivity, and constructed responses – all machine graded. Make sure to use the drop-down menu at the top to choose from the many different item types. Even works on an iPad! Note: item grading is not available at this time, but should be available in a few weeks.

More information about the new assessment system can be found on the USOE Assessment page. Take a look, kick the tires, and let me know what you think!

Nov 272012

Online Testing

An online test should be easy to install, intuitive to use, cost-effective, and more powerful than a paper test. Working together, our test developers, computer scientists, and statisticians have designed a test delivery system that offers innovative, machine-scored items on fixed and adaptive forms.

Delivering Tests Online

Demo With little to no training, students can easily take AIR’s online tests.

Our efficient user interface enables students to clearly show what they know. Our usability feature, available to all students, reduces specific barriers for students with disabilities.

Simple, Effective Security Procedures

Video AIR’s test administrators (TA) workstation simplifies administration security tasks.

Through AIR’s TA workstation, authorized TAs can easily create and monitor test sessions and view and set test accommodation options. Authorized district personnel can also take immediate action in the event of security breaches.

Automated, Machine-Scored Constructed Response Items

Demo AIRs test developers and computer scientists are developing new ways to measure higher level skills on online tests.

Collaborations among mathematicians, content experts and computer scientists yield new ways to assess students’ ability to apply knowledge on computerized tests. AIRs patent-pending model supports rich, diverse and innovative types of items that cost no more than traditional items to develop.

May I introduce you to Utah’s new adaptive assessment system for both formative and summative assessments. Looks intriguing! I can’t wait to learn more about it.

See an article from the Salt Lake Tribune about this new system. You can also review the USOE Announcement of the new adaptive testing system from AIR.