Mar 282012

Thanks for attending the UTIPS Core training for the Millard District teachers in Delta this afternoon. Let's start by pointing you to the UTIPS Core link for Millard School District:

Here are the Enrollment Codes that you'll need to set up an account on UTIPS Core for our training today. Also for your reference, here is the note sheet to keep track of your login & enrollment codes, as well as the??UTIPS Core Resource Page??and UTIPS Core Manual (PDF). You can always come back to and access the UTIPS Core page on the left side of the screen.

Millard High School:

  • Language Arts – army81
  • Mathematics??- talk93
  • Science??- four66
  • Special Education??- able68
  • Technology??- gives77

Fillmore Middle School:

  • 5th Grade??- real54
  • 6th Grade??- loud44
  • Language Arts??- tear89
  • Mathematics??- seven97
  • Science??- your54
  • Special Education??- loss41

Fillmore Elementary School:

  • Preschool -??lead25
  • Kindergarten -??glad87
  • 1st Grade??- cross66
  • 2nd Grade??- ought14
  • 3rd Grade??- force24
  • 4th Grade??- cloud37
  • Special Education??- since60

NOTE: These codes will expire on Wednesday, April 11 2012.??

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