Apr 042011

Thanks for your time today to discuss strategies to use less paper in your classroom instruction. The presentation from today is available here at this post, and you can find it again on my Web site anytime by following any of the following tags from the left side of the page: Reduce The Use, EHS, Collaborize Classroom, UTIPS, & Google Docs.

Also, here’s a quick link to my Collaborize Classroom site to quickly access the discussion topic and question that I posed to you today.

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  One Response to “Reduce The Use at EHS”

  1. Love your presentation Clint! Thank you so much for all your kind words about Collaborize Classroom on this post and another from a month ago! We love hearing that others are as excited about our free learning platform as we are!I just wanted to let you know I added your blog and Twitter account to our "buzz" page: http://collaborizeclassroom.com/blog/buzz/Look forward to connecting more!+Shana, digital media + pr manager for Collaborize Classroom(@Shanaatds + @Collaborize)

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