Sync & import Google Gmail Contacts on iPad

1. Connect iPad to your computer (Windows or MAC system). iTunes should open automatically on the computer, otherwise you can open it manually.

2. Click your iPad listing under ‘devices’ on the left side of iTunes window.

3. Then click ‘Info’ tab and click to tick option ‘Sync address book contacts’.

4. At the bottom of the same screen, click to tick ‘Sync Google Contacts’ option and then click ‘Configure’ button next to it.

5. A new window will pop-up showing Google Contacts Terms, click Agree button on it. Then enter login details of your Gmail / Google account to start the sync process.

I found out the hard way yesterday that Contacts do not automatically sync to the iPad with the rest of my Google Mail, Calendars and Notes do. I’ll give this a shot to see if it is this easy to get going.

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