Nov 082010
Check out this website I found at

Now that TextMarks has limited free groups to one-per-user, GroupMe might be a good alternative for classroom-sized groups.

Each group created has it’s own unique phone number and will accomodate up to 25 members of a group. You can update the group by sending a text to the group phone number. You can also pretty much manage anything you need to do with your group from your phone by sending #commands to the group number… For example:

  • #add name phone – adds a new group member
  • #list – shows all names and numbers of group members
  • #topic topic – changes the discussion topic of the group, or really the name of the group
  • #name name – changes your name within the group
  • #mute – stops updates from the group. Send #mute again, and you are back in the conversation
  • #remove name or number – removes this person or number from the group (only works if you are the group creator)
  • #exit – removes me from the group
  • #help – sends you a list of commands
  • #new topic – creates a whole new group with the name or topic that you enter. You’ll be texted with the new phone number for the new group.

If you have a SmartPhone, they also have apps for iPhone and Android. Give it a shot!

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