Technology Resources for Math & Science Teachers

Welcome, and thank you for attending our panel discussion today. Our session today is meant to be an open dialogue of ‘best practices’, which means ASK QUESTIONS! Let’s introduce our panel members:

  • Moderator: Clint Stephens – Technology Integration Specialist & Former Middle & High School Science Teacher, Southwest Educational Development Center
  • Glen Westbroek (via Skype) – Science Department Head, Orem Jr. High School
  • Mary Janice Richmond – Math & Science Teacher, Hurricane High School
  • Joy Coates – Math Specialist, Iron County School District
  • Brandon Coates – Elementary Teacher, Cedar City East Elementary

First, I’d like to hear from our panel members and let them introduce themselves:

  • What subject(s) do you teach?
  • How many years have you been teaching?
  • Tell us about any awards or distinctions you have earned. (it’s OK to brag!)
  • What’s your favorite finger???

Now, let’s address each of these questions:

  • What is the most important technology utilized in your classroom right now? What could you not live without?
  • What is the next thing “on your list” of things to learn or explore? What has caught your eye recently that you’d like to know more about?
  • What is your classroom missing? What is the next thing you’ll add to your instruction?
  • What are your thoughts on mobile devices (iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad, smart phones, mobile phones)? Do they belong in the classroom? Are they used in your classroom???
  • What’s the best thing you are doing with technology with your students?
  • What long-term technology projects are your students working on, if any? (blog/journals, media creation, electronic portfolios, etc)
  • How did you get your ‘stuff’? What grants or funding opportunities have you earned, and how did you get funded?
  • What grants are out there for teachers to go after?

Questions, comments, additions?


Please log into the Google Wave for this discussion and help take notes and add resources and links discussed today, or follow along here!


  1. <font face="verdana,sans-serif">The session is from 9:10 – 10:10 AM tomorrow. You could join us on Skype if you'd like!

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