Engage Your Students with GPS! Links to Today’s UCET Presentation Resources

First let me thank you for taking your time and coming to my UCET presentation today. If you'd like to use or review the resources that I discussed today, just follow the links below:
Session Summary:
In Utah, 24% of the Class of 2011 were not proficient in Math portion on the UBSCT. In the SEDC (Southwest) region, some of the UBSCT concepts that??students??have done very poorly on are the understanding the concept & calculation of area, and solving one-factor equations. There is a need to present these concepts to many of our??students??in a new way. Global Positioning System Receivers (GPSr???s) can be an effective and engaging technology tool to help??your??students??understand these concepts and enable??your??students??to experience math in their world in a new way. We will cover how to use a GPSr to find the area and perimeter of a location, calculate the slope of a hill (& the distance up that hill!), and even how to figure out the volume of water fall on??yourschool campus during a rainstorm! Not a math teacher, that???s OK! I will show you over 50 ways to integrate??GPS??into??your??instruction in any classroom.

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