Don’t Have Turnitin? Try This. has a free plaigerism checker. It is also an automated grammar checker and claims to find up to 10 times as many mistakes as other word processors. Give it a shot and let me know how it works for you!

Utah Compose

Access at Default Logins for teachers: TCactusID Default PW’s for teachers: Birthday mmddyyyy Student Login: State Student ID# (7 digits) Student PW’s: SSID (same as login): Students will be prompted to pick a new password on their first login Utah Compose is a tool. It’s not a replacement for good teaching and writing instruction.… Continue reading Utah Compose

Gearing up for SAGE Writing and Summative Assessments

Permalink: (capital ‘i’) OnTrack Section #:68149 , Course #:60022 View today’s training (YouTube) SAGE Writing & Summative Training Outline/Agenda SAGE System Overview SAGE Summative – Notes From the Field (slides 1-18) Actual testing time averages Writing test lengths Ways to reduce testing time Suggestions from districts who have completed trimester tests Vertical Linking Items Ethics… Continue reading Gearing up for SAGE Writing and Summative Assessments

Writing Apps on the iPad?

A colleague of mine has been asked to help a school out with writing on the iPad, and asked if I had any suggestions for great writing apps. It’s a good question, and there are MANY options to consider. It all depends on your budget, what features you need, and what sort of experience you… Continue reading Writing Apps on the iPad?