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Day 1:

Day 2 Topics:

2012 Group Multimedia Presentations

Jun 112012

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Day 1 Resources:

Day 2 Resources:

Jul 272011

View the Agenda/Outline or the detailed workshop notes here. You can also access the presentation.

Day 1 Topics:

  • Join the conversation and ask questions at TodaysMeet.
  • The Basics
    • home button – home screen, search screen
    • double tap home to access latest apps, plus iPod & brightness controls & how to kill apps
    • Creating Folders of apps – can manage this in iTunes as well
    • Moving and deleting apps (Home row holds 6!)
    • Gestures: Tap, Double tap, tap hold and drag, flip & swipe, pinch to zoom, rotate
    • Copy & Paste
    • Screen capture – press Home and Power button together to take a screen shot of whatever is on your screen.
  • Getting in Gear: Settings
    • Airplane mode
    • Connecting to a WiFi hotspot
    • Location Services?
    • Change wallpaper and lock screen image
    • Picture Frame
    • How much space do I have left? General option will tell you
    • Store – sign in to iTunes account (can use multiple accounts)
  • WCSD Teacher observation tool
  • Setting up your Google Apps Mail, Contacts & Calendars
  • Set up Find My iPad
  • Go over iPad presentationNotes here
  • File management – Get Dropbox!
  • Great educational video content: iTunes U, eMedia & Kahn AcademyTED Online or the TED app
  • Web shortcuts – Turns a web site into a clickable app icon. Set your home page, UTIPS page, Pioneer Library, eMedia, Kahn Academy, others?
  • Clicker software – eClicker, eClicker Host – set up some quiz questions and show how to take a poll and display results
  • Take poll of what participants would still like to learn at http://pollev.com/clint

Day 2 Topics:

Please enjoy the projects created at the end of Day 2 using iMovie, Animoto, StoryRobe & Garageband!

Here’s the link to the class registration form, and the class info follows:

EDUC 5155 150  Integrating the iPad and iPod into the Classroom

      Jul 152011

      Day 1 Resources:

      Day 2 Resources:

      Jun 132011

      Here’s the Dixie Art Scavenger Hunt GPS Activity.

      Here’s my handout of ways to integrate the GPS and Geocacihng into your instruction.


      Garmin GPS Drivers and Garmin Web Updater. You’ll also probably need GSAK before too long…

      UK Tour in Google Earth.

      You can make your own tour of Historic Places in St. George, or anywhere else you like. Here’s a handout on creating Tours in Google Earth that you might find helpful.

      Class credit information can be found here.


      If you’d like to find the cache that we hid at the end of the day, view the cache page here.