iPads In The Classroom 2-Day Workshop for WCSD

View the Agenda/Outline or the detailed workshop notes here. You can also access the presentation.

Day 1 Topics:

  • Join the conversation and ask questions at TodaysMeet.
  • The Basics
    • home button – home screen, search screen
    • double tap home to access latest apps, plus iPod & brightness controls & how to kill apps
    • Creating Folders of apps – can manage this in iTunes as well
    • Moving and deleting apps (Home row holds 6!)
    • Gestures: Tap, Double tap, tap hold and drag, flip & swipe, pinch to zoom, rotate
    • Copy & Paste
    • Screen capture – press Home and Power button together to take a screen shot of whatever is on your screen.
  • Getting in Gear: Settings
    • Airplane mode
    • Connecting to a WiFi hotspot
    • Location Services?
    • Change wallpaper and lock screen image
    • Picture Frame
    • How much space do I have left? General option will tell you
    • Store – sign in to iTunes account (can use multiple accounts)
  • WCSD Teacher observation tool
  • Setting up your Google Apps Mail, Contacts & Calendars
  • Set up Find My iPad
  • Go over iPad presentationNotes here
  • File management – Get Dropbox!
  • Great educational video content: iTunes U, eMedia & Kahn AcademyTED Online or the TED app
  • Web shortcuts – Turns a web site into a clickable app icon. Set your home page, UTIPS page, Pioneer Library, eMedia, Kahn Academy, others?
  • Clicker software – eClicker, eClicker Host – set up some quiz questions and show how to take a poll and display results
  • Take poll of what participants would still like to learn at http://pollev.com/clint
Get a free sms student response system at Poll Everywhere

Day 2 Topics:

Please enjoy the projects created at the end of Day 2 using iMovie, Animoto, StoryRobe & Garageband!

Here’s the link to the class registration form, and the class info follows:

EDUC 5155 150  Integrating the iPad and iPod into the Classroom

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