Jun 092015

uen_logo_print_colorUEN, in partnership with USOE, SUU and the U of U, have been working hard to make earning your Educational Technology Endorsement (ETEP) a LOT easier – especially if you live and teach outside of the Wasatch Front.

The purpose of this updated program is to break down the barriers of distance, cost, and opportunity. In the process course requirements were realigned with the ISTE standards. Through a new partnership with SUU, teachers can now complete the endorsement entirely online and at a low cost. This updated program is not designed to replace those offered by districts who already have an endorsement program. Although open to all, this program is a great opportunity for teachers in rural areas or districts without an endorsement program.

The ETEP requires nine credits from Utah Education Network and nine credits from either Southern Utah University or the University of Utah. The ETEP program is focused around the ISTE Standards for Teachers. Participants will take various courses from standards 1-4. Standard 5 is achieved through participation in the ETEP program and attendance at an EdTech conference.

Also designed into the program is the opportunity for teachers to continue their education with a Master Degree from either SUU or U of U using courses that they have already taken in the ETEP.

Learn more about the new UEN Educational Technology Endorsement Program or check out the SUU ETEP Google Group.

Apr 102013

Curious about what the new assessment system for Utah will look like? You can try out several sample items on the demo site here: http://demo.tds.airast.org/AIRAssessment/

It’s surely not your Mother’s (or even my) old multiple-guess test that students could blow through in 5 minutes (if they were so inclined). Rich items, interactivity, and constructed responses – all machine graded. Make sure to use the drop-down menu at the top to choose from the many different item types. Even works on an iPad! Note: item grading is not available at this time, but should be available in a few weeks.

More information about the new assessment system can be found on the USOE Assessment page. Take a look, kick the tires, and let me know what you think!