Jan 212016

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Today, we will focus on some of the great new features included with Notebook 15. Since SMART started charging for upgrades to Notebook, most of you are probably coming to this new version from 11.4. A LOT has been added since then, especially with the “Interactive” part of this interactive whiteboard software. Take a look at this post if you are looking for basic tips and tricks, or this post from my site for some more advanced things that Notebook can do for you.

Today, we will investigate:

  • The place EVERY teacher should start when starting to use Notebook, the SMART Exchange Website where you can find lessons and activities pre-built and ready for you to use or adapt for your needs. The Exchange is accessed through the Gallery tab on the left, the blue “X-ish” icon in the toolbar, or at exchange.smarttech.com. You will need to create an account to take full advantage.
  • Notebook Maestro. This feature has been the most requested since the iPad came out. In conjunction with the iPad Notebook app ($5.99), you can use this add-on to connect to your computer and control Notebook wirelessly! Great for untethered teaching or for allowing students to interact with your lesson from their seats. Learn more here and download the Maestro add-on (use your school information when asked, you don’t need to put in the Tech Director’s name, etc.)
  • Lesson Activity Builder (LAB): Access this from the “Magic Hat” button in the toolbar.
    • The LAB is a collection of different templates to help you quickly build interactive activities
    • Demo a Parts of Speech activity
    • Experience a “Mobile Enabled” activity called Shout It Out!, answering the question, “Who will win the SuperBowl?” If you are not into pro Football, choose from the Denver Broncos, New England Patriots, Arizona Cardinals or the Carolina Panthers
  • Other New Add-Ons
    • SMART Blocks – blocks that will do different simple math with number given to it. You can interconnect the blocks to build live equations.
    • Lesson Recorder vs. SMART Recorder
      • Lesson Recorder: Records actions and writing on a Notebook page, and save those actions within a Notebook page.
      • SMART Recorder will record all of your actions in Notebook or anywhere on your computer as well as  your voice (with microphone connected) and will create a video file that you can post to a Web site or upload to YouTube.
      • Show how to add SMART Recorder and other shortcuts to toolbar)
    • GeoGebra for Math Teachers
  • New Tools and Pens
    • Cover the math tools
    • Review other tools
    • Text Pen
    • Creative Pen
    • Magic Pen
    • Shape Recognition Pen
  • Gallery Review
    • Gallery Essentials
    • Lesson Activity Toolkit
    • Adding to “My Content”
Jan 112016

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Below you will find additional resources from my site on the topics we will be covering today:

Aug 152014

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Welcome to Beaver County School District! I don’t have a set agenda for today, so we’ll let your questions guide where we go and what we do. Below are links to other posts and presentations from my site that will help after and go beyond what we cover today:

Aug 082014

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Thanks for joining me today to go beyond the basics of your SMARTBoard and the Notebook software. Here’s what we will cover today:

  • Lesson Activity Toolkit review
  • Activity Builder
  • Linking to websites & other resources
  • Animate Objects
  • Page Recording & Floating Recorder
  • Balloon Pop
  • Timer with Transparent Background option
  • Using Video
  • Free Student Response Systems (if time permits)

You can download the Notebook files that we will be working with today:

Watch the recording of our session here or find it on my YouTube Channel.

Jan 292014

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You can find these resources later by using the Interactive Whiteboards tag on my site.

First Things First – Orient The Board

  • Orienting the board matches up the location of your pen on the board to the corresponding screen location.
  • You can orient the board when you first launch Notebook, from the Help (?) Button on the board, or by pressing both the Keyboard and Right Click buttons on the base of the board together.
  • Help button (or anything else) not working correctly? You may need to download and install the SMARTBoard Drivers

References and Handouts

Notebook – Kinda like a chalk board, but so much better

  • With SMART Notebook software, you can quickly access all lesson materials from one convenient location. Intuitive tools and features enable you to easily create, deliver and manage interactive lessons. You can also add graphics and multimedia content instantly to any assessment or lesson.
  • Create your lessons beforehand, at home or at school, or during class on the fly.
  • Save Notebooks for later use, or export the pages as images, PDF’s, or web pages to share with your students (It’s a great idea to make these resources available to students and parents from your web site) – In Notebook, head to File –> Export to see the options.
  • Access the SMART Exchange directly
  • Browse or search the Gallery for virtually anything you may need
  • Use the Screen Shade for an incremental reveal of your page – like the old piece of paper on the overhead projector!
  • Use the Magic Pen to make sure your students are following along. Ink disappears after a certain amount of time.
  • Shape Recognition Pen will turn those squiggly, wavering circles into perfect spheres
  • Customize the Toolbar so that the tools you use most often are at your fingertips

Download, Access and USE the ‘Extras’

Capturing screen shots and Recording everything

  • The Screen Capture Toolbar (Camera icon) will allow you to capture or take “pictures” of your screen to use in your Notebooks. The toolbar has 4 options:
    • a selected area of the screen
    • a selected window
    • a free-hand selected shape
    • the entire screen
  • The SMART Recorder (Camcorder icon) will allow you to basically record everything that happens on your computer, including sound or a microphone if it’s connected, to create an archive or ‘Screencast’ of your lesson

Handwriting to Text

  • There’s also the on-screen keyboard to enter text – just hit the Help (?) Button on the board.

Keeping up, or Going Further

Here are some additional learning resources that you can listen to or watch anytime, anywhere to further your learning and expertise with this amazing teaching tool. These are links to podcasts, and will take you directly to iTunes:

Aug 142012

Thanks for joining me today to brush up on your SMARTBoard or Promethean interactive white board skills for the upcoming school year. No matter which one you have in your classroom, hopefully we'll show you a few new tricks and point you to some great resources for lesson plans, activities and great interactives for your boards

Mar 222011
Interactive Whiteboard Resources

Looking for some ideas on how to use your Interactive Whiteboard? Below are a variety of web sites and resources that UEN gathered just for you.


Preschool Interactives

UEN gathered a variety of online activities that are appropriate for Preschool aged children. They are organized by Letters, Numbers, Me and STEM.

K-2 Student Interactives

UEN’s collection of online games for kindergarten, first and second grade students is perfect for your Interactive Whiteboard.

3-6 Student Interactives

Engage your whole classroom and promote collaboration by displaying these grades 3-6 online interactives.

7-12 Student Interactives

See your 7th – 12th grade students get excited about learning with this collection of interactive games and tools.

PBS KIDS Interactive Whiteboard Games

Here is a collection of interactive whiteboard games from PBS. Like their programs, all of their games are age-appropriate and vetted by educators.

Thinkfinity: Student Interactives

Thinkfinity provides free online learning interactive games and activities for students of all ages.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

These online manipulatives and activities allow K-12 students explore and examine math concepts.

Shodor Interactivate

This is a popular set of interactive online materials for math and science education – for grades 3 through 12.


This site offers a bank of visual teaching-aids and interactives for the Science classroom.

Thanks to the good folks at UEN for bringing these great Interactive White Board activities and eMedia videos together for Utah teachers.

Spread the word!