Aug 032011

Here’s the agenda and resources for our Digital Video in the Classroom session today:


  • Importing Video and Images into your Project
    • The nice thing about iTunes & iPhoto…
  • Basic Edits
    • Trim vs. Crop
    • Splitting clips
    • Separating Audio from Video Tracks
    • Changing the direction of a clip
    • Speed up/slow down clips
  • Adding Still Images
  • Adding Titles, Transitions & Effects
  • Adding Audio & Sound Effects
  • Discussion of Copyright Issues
  • Sharing your work
  • Wrap Up

Some resources that you might find helpful:





Jul 192011
Apr 262011

First off, let’s change the theme:

  • From the Manage window, click the Settings button on the top right
  • Under the LOOK AND FEEL section, click the ‘Edit Theme’ button.
  • At the top, scroll through your over 40 theme options. Click the theme thumbnail to preview your site with this theme.
  • If you’d like, click the ‘Customize’ option on the top left to tweak the colors and other custom settings available with the theme you have chosen.
  • I’d skip the ‘Advanced’ option for now…
  • When you are happy, click the big green ‘Save, I’m done!’ button on the bottom right.
The Bookmarklet:
  • Posterous has a great tool for QUICKLY sharing a page on the Interent to your site – including a snippet of the page and your comments about it.
  • When you get back to your classroom, add the bookmarklet to your browser’s quick-links bar by heading to this page: and dragging the ‘Share on Posterous’ button to your browser’s bar.
Some Posterous Email Posting Tips:
  • Email anything to ‘‘, and it will be posted to your site.
  • Remember, attach anything you’d like to your email, and Posterous will figure out what to do with it.
  • If you are not ready for a post to be published, use ‘‘, and it will be marked as private invisible to your visitors until you change the post to public.
  • If you are using tags, you can add those to your post in the email by placing ((tags:Tag 1, Tag 2)) after the post title in the email subject line – this works with the Bookmarklet title as well!
  •  If you have an email signature, use #end when you want Posterous to finish paying attention to what’s in the message. Anything after #end will not appear on your site.
  • If you are sending a particularly long post, use #more to create a page break – this keeps the important stuff visible on your main page and the details will be visible on the post page.

  • What you post to your site is important to you, your students and their parents. 
  • Ideally, students and parents would visit your page daily to see what’s new or what you’ve added.
  • In reality, this will not be the case. The solution to this is to use the Autopost feature of Posterous along with some other great services like Twitter or a Facebook Fan Page.
  • If you have a Twitter account or a Fan Page on Facebook, you can link your Posterous site to these services and when you post something to your Posterous site, links to your post will be pushed to your fans and followers.
  • In other words, they will get the information that you’d like them to have where they already spend a lot of time, making it a greater possibility for your information to reach your target audience.
  • Set up a Twitter account at
  • Set up a Facebook Fan Page here.
  • Then, set up your Posterous Autoposting here.


    Mar 042011
    Here’s the presentation for the session today:

    The Topics of Discussion:

    Other links & resources:

    Poll Everywhere Questions:

    Question 1

    Question 2
    Jul 302009

    Let’s see how posterous does with my first blog entry. I have not signed up for an account – all I have done is clicked a link on the site that opened up a new empty email with some instructions on what to do.
    Let’s put some images with this email and see what happens. I’ll attach an image that I want to use in my new blog.
    That’s it. I am very curious to see what happens when I hit the send button. 😀


    Jul 302009

    Ok, it really is that simple. Once I hit the send button, posterous went to work and created the post that you can view at

    I followed the link that was included in the reply message that confirmed my post was made, and it took me to a very simple account creation screen. I set a password and the custom address that I included above, entered in some profile information and a photo, and that was it. Amazing.

    I’m just now back in the email replying to the original reply from posterous. I’m 
    guessing that when I hit send again, this will be my second post. I am literally shaking my head at the implications for teachers this site may have. 

    The amazing thing to me is that posterous seems to have taken the interface out of the learning curve equation for blogging and simply keeping a Web site up-to-date. If teachers complain at how easy this is, they belong in a different profession. Period. I am blown away.