Utilizing Pioneer Library Resources with Chromebooks

Permalink: http://goo.gl/hwkjst OnTrack Section #: 67138, Course #: 59637 Today we’ll take a look at getting the most from some new and ‘old’ resources available to you. I’ll show you some things to really leverage the power of your Chromebooks and I’ll show (or maybe remind you) of some of the incredible resources that have been… Continue reading Utilizing Pioneer Library Resources with Chromebooks

Effective Online Research Strategies

Links/Resources for Content Area Literacy on September 29, 2011 – Permalink to this article: http://goo.gl/RKOry Google For Educators – Tools for your classroom, classroom activities, posters, teacher community Google Search Tips poster below in ….

What’s New In Pioneer Library?

Today, we’ll explore all of the amazing resources available to you and your students, from school AND at home, through Pioneer Library from UEN. We’ll keep the information here very brief. Bookmark this page as a quick guide to Pioneer Resources b…

The New eMedia – Getting You Good To Go!

eMedia is still the first place to look for thousands of educational videos available for teaching Utah’s core curricula, but it has a new look and feel and may look a little different to you. The new interface is much easier to navigate and is de…