Jul 122022

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You’ve used Google Forms to quickly collect data. The automatic summaries and charts are great, but what’s next? How can you see beyond simple averages and totals to make better decisions and gain true insights? In this session we will learn more about some powerful features in Forms and Sheets like data validation, data filters, and pivot tables. We’ll also take a look at some useful add-ons that will allow you to do some amazing things for any classroom. Read more if you’d like to learn more, or follow along if you are in my session today! Continue reading »

Jan 202014

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Here’s the plan for our session today. We’ll learn about:

  • Presenting from the iPad – by controlling your desktop or by displaying your iPad screen on the projector
  • Screencasting – creating learning objects with some cool interactive white board type apps
  • Creating rich media projects like narrated slide shows, picture- and full blown eBooks, and full movies.
  • Classroom quizzing and formative assessment with free web-based tools

You can download the presentation for our session today below:

Apps, links and resources for each area above:

Mar 012011

Today, we’ll take a look at the benchmark exams available in UTIPS for the math teachers in Iron county. We’ll show you an alternate way to access these tests – other than copying the tests to a teachers UTIPS account – which has some vast benefits. 

Access the Iron Math Benchmark Exams here: http://ironmath.utips.sedck12.org – this is the same address that your students will use to access the tests.
    Taking a test this way requires that teachers have their students set up in their own UTIPS account ahead of the time that the benchmark exams are taken. The instructions on how to do this are included in this post as the Managing Students.doc – view and download below.

    Here’s how your teachers and students should be accessing these exams:

    Accessing the tests this way not only gives the teacher identified with the detailed login a copy of the test results, but the Iron Math master account gets a copy of the results as well for every student that access the test DISTRICT WIDE. This will allow for more broad data analysis – more data = good!

    Hopefully you can see the advantage of students taking these exams. They can provide valuable data and insight as to how students are doing and progressing in their learning. We hope that you will urge your teachers to use these tests and have their students take them, and then using the results to their best advantage.

    Feel free to share this article, the handouts and video with your teachers so that they can get the ball rolling on these benchmark exams. As always, PLEASE let me know how I can help with this process, UTIPS, or any other technology and data in your schools.