Apr 202012

Below is a PDF version of the Projector Do’s and Don’ts presentation today. All of the underlined links are active and will take you to the sites and resoursorces presented, so you will hopefully not need to scribble a bunch of notes and URL’s 


Apr 132012

Thanks for your participation today on Google Docs. Today we’ll take a good close look at how to take your documents to the cloud, and do things that you could never imagine doing in Microsoft Word. Google Docs are not a replacement for Word, but there are some amazing collaboration tools and ways to share documents with your principal, staff, teachers, students – even parents!

How does Google Docs work? It’s explained below in Plain English (thanks CommonCraft!). Click here if YouTube is blocked.

You’ll be getting lots of hands-on experience with both editing and sharing your Google Docs, but let’s first start off with a document of mine for collaboration.

Need a manual or handout? The Google Docs Overview is a great resource that is always just a click away while you are using Google Docs. Just click on the ‘Help’ menu and select ‘Google Docs Help Center’ shown below:

Need some inspiration? Check out these Interesting Ways to use Google Docs in the Classroom. Also, don’t forget to check out the available Templates, accessed from the ‘Create’ menu – check out this great Facebook Profile Page for an Historic Figure template! Want to use a Form for a quiz? Grade it with Flubaroo! Also, be sure to use Goo.gl for shortening too-long-to-type URL’s.

Lastly, you can access some additional detailed information from my presentation on Project Based Learning Using Google Docs:

Feb 102012

Today to introduce you to some techie terminology and some basic Internet and networking knowledge, we are going to play a little Jeopardy. If you’ve never watched the show, I give you ‘Answers’ and you supply the ‘Questions’ to those answers… For example, if I said, “This is the best darn charter school in Cedar City.” you would reply, “What is Gateway Preparatory Academy?!?” 

Make sense? OK – let’s begin!

Play our Jeopardy game