URSA 2021

Find this page at bit.ly/clintatursa Canvas + Video = Online Superstar! Or, Recording & Embedding Quality Instructional Content Access the session slides as well as the Canvas course with all of the steps and how-to videos. Maybe you are not looking to become an online superstar, but you DO want to record video in Canvas for your… Continue reading URSA 2021

Recording Instructional Video & Embedding in Canvas

In these days of uncertainty in education, we all should be preparing blended learning resources for our students – whether we are lucky enough to be instructing students face-to-face, if we have some students who are learning from home, or if we all have to return to remote learning and instruction. See my post on Blended… Continue reading Recording Instructional Video & Embedding in Canvas

YouTube for Educators

 We cover: YouTube Facts and Figures Account basics and privileges with different channel types Logging in, creating and verifying a channel Uploading video files from Zoom meetings or any recordings & Live Streaming Approving videos for student viewing, adding videos to Canvas & Google Classroom and using Playlists to organize content Training slides: 

Adobe Spark in the Classroom

Adobe Spark is is a suite of FREE apps, including Video, Post, and Page, that allows you and your students to create beautiful social graphics, web stories and animated video – in minutes – without being a creative professional. With Spark in the classroom, you can easily create high quality reports, research papers, posters, writing assignments,… Continue reading Adobe Spark in the Classroom

6-Word Memoirs Project with iMovie ’11

Permalink: http://goo.gl/GIdXlK A teacher emailed me to ask how this 6-Word Memoir project was created so that she could do the same thing with her classes. I instantly recognized it as an iMovie project, and one that would be simple for this teacher to compile from the text and images that her students provided. The… Continue reading 6-Word Memoirs Project with iMovie ’11

Take and Easily Share Better Digital Photos

Permalink: http://goo.gl/0V5eGC Thanks for joining me today at the SEDC Secretaries Conference. Below is the presentation in PDF form – all of the links are live! Take and Easily Share Better Photos (PDF) Here are the links included in the presentation: Best Settings for Emailing & Printing Digital Photos Kodak Top Ten Tips for Taking… Continue reading Take and Easily Share Better Digital Photos

WeVideo & Animoto for Canyon View HS

Permalink: http://goo.gl/keFTF WeVideo: Free Web based video editing. No apps to buy, nothing to install! Add WeVideo to your Google Drive applications or create an account at WeVideo.com Basics of Storyboard Editing (Video), the basics of Timeline Editing (Video), and their other video tutorials. Where can I bring in video from? Need video to experiment with?… Continue reading WeVideo & Animoto for Canyon View HS