Jun 042014

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Thanks for joining my session today at the 2014 Summer Administrators Conference. We will start by taking a look at my Demo Site which shows and describes the types of pages you can create in your Google Site. Be sure to check out the Google Sites Help Center to help make your site great!

We will also take a look at a wonderfully visual bookmarking site called Symbaloo. It’s free to sign up, and you can create custom ‘Webmixes’ with tiles linking to your students favorite and most used sites. Here’s my Webmix of my recommended educational iPad apps.

Jan 302014

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Thanks for joining me today at the SEDC Secretaries Conference. Below is the presentation in PDF form – all of the links are live!

Here are the links included in the presentation:

Jan 302014

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Thanks for joining me today to learn how to use Excel for more than just a list manager. Everything you’ll need is in the hand-out below:

Excel Handout PDF

We also covered the topic of Mail Merging to print form letters and labels with information from an Excel Document. View how to do a Mail Merge here (YouTube)

Feb 062013

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Today we will take a look at some new technology that is coming to your schools in a big way – Chrome browser and Chromebooks from Google. We will see how the Chromebook works, look at some great tools from Google and Google Docs, and show you how you can use Docs/Drive for group collaboration work.

How does Google Docs work???

This article will get you started with Google Docs & give you a preview of a true paperless workflow. Need a handout for how to use Google Docs? You can find some great Google Docs help here. We will be getting our hands ‘dirty’ with some collaborative work today. Please don’t access this document before I ask you to!

After today, you can take a look at the Top 10 Educational Uses for Google Docs, or 50 little known ways you can use Google Docs in education.

Feb 062013

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Plex is a free server system that shares/delivers media to other computers and connected devices within your school network. Plex can be set up on almost any computer in your school that has sufficient storage and speed to serve media to your teachers/students.

Take a look at the presentation below to learn more about how to set up and use Plex as a media server for your school.

Or, you can download a PowerPoint version of the presentation here:

Media Management Magic with Plex PPT

Links included in the presentation (links open in a new window):

Ideas for using Plex in Schools:

  • Easily manage educational videos from eMedia
  • Easily add and distribute videos, audio files, podcasts, iTunes U content to teachers desktops with the Plex Media Center or to teacher/student iPads with the Plex app ($4.99)
  • Great place to archive and distribute student videos, photos, podcasts
  • Access online content ‘Channels’ like YouTube, TedEd and others