Jun 122018

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You may not have heard of Google Keep, but you NEED to know about it. Keep is an incredible and easy to use tool for organizing all of the bits of information busy educators tend to collect whenever, wherever, that always seems to get lost. Keep allows you to bring together notes, links, photos, really anything you can grab with your computer, tablet and phone! Beyond gathering and organizing your digital ‘stuff,’ you can share your notes, collaborate with others, set reminders… even drag-n-drop text and photos into your Google Docs! Review the presentation below and start to make Google Keep an integral part of your daily workflow.


Session Presentation:

Video Demo of Google Keep in Action:

Mar 162012

Thanks to Theresa Wilson for passing this article along to me. There are some fantastic rubrics here to evaluate educational apps for mobile devices based on relevance to the curriculum, ability to customize, level of student feedback, encouragement of thinking skills, level of engagement, and performance sharing.

Also included in the article are other app evaluation tools from around the country. If you are using the iPad, iPod or other app-driven mobile devices in your classroom, this is certainly worth a look.

Feb 082012

iphone-android.pngThanks for joining us today to learn how to get the most out of your smartphone! Whether you have an iPhone or an Android-based phone, we’ll go through some great things that you may not have known you can do with your phone. I’ll apologize in advance – I have no experience with the BlackBerry, so if you came looking for help with this sort of phone, you are out of luck!

Have a question? Post it and join the discussion at http://todaysmeet.com/secretary

We’ll certainly have ample time for your questions, but I’ve put together some possible topics of apps and services that you should be using on your smartphone if you are not already!

Also, be sure to check out this post from my blog on Getting the Most from Your Android Phone, in addition to the iPhone Manual that Apple forgot. iPhone users can also access an online manual by launching the Safari app, opening up their bookmarks, and selecting ‘iPhone Users Guide’