URSA 2018 – Session Info and Resources

Utah Rural Schools Association (URSA) logoThank you so much for joining me for one (or more) of my sessions at the 2018 URSA Conference. All of the presentation information, links and resources for my sessions are linked from this page (and from the URSA tab above). If you have any questions or comments during or after the conference, you can connect with me @sedcclint on Twitter or on my Facebook Page. Use the #URSA18 hashtag on Twitter to join the Conference conversation.

Wednesday, July 11
  • 3:40 pm: Slice and Dice Data Like a Ninja: Advanced Google Forms and Sheets, ED 339 
    • You’ve used Google Forms to quickly collect data. The automatic summaries and charts are great, but what’s next? How can you see beyond simple averages and totals to make better decisions and gain true insights? Join me to learn more about some powerful features in Forms and Sheets like data validation, data filters, and pivot tables. We’ll also take a look at some useful add-ons that will allow you to do some amazing things for any classroom.
Thursday, July 12
  • 11:35 am: Playground: LocoXtreme Robots & micro:bit, Sharwan Smith Student Center, Brian Head A & B (repeats)
  • 1:30 pm: Playground: LocoXtreme Robots & micro:bit, Sharwan Smith Student Center, Brian Head A & B (repeat)
Friday, July 13
  • 9:00 am: Reach the 4 C’s of 21st Century Learning with HyperDocs, GC 306
    • We all want our students to be creative, collaborative, communicators and critical thinkers, but are you enabling your students to learn this way? HyperDocs just might help get you there. HyperDocs are to worksheets as what Instagram is to passing notes in class. They are interactive, visually engaging Google Docs that allow students explore and engage in topics in depth, and at their own pace. Join me today to learn more about using and crafting HyperDocs for your students, and make the jump to hyperspace with your instruction!
  • 10:10 am: Keep It Together With Google Keep, GC 306
    • You may not have heard of Google Keep, but you NEED to know about it. Keep is an incredible and easy to use tool for organizing all of the bits of information busy educators tend to collect whenever, wherever, that always seems to get lost. Keep allows you to bring together notes, links, photos – really anything you can grab with your computer, tablet and phone! Beyond gathering and organizing your digital ‘stuff,’ you can share your notes, collaborate with others, set reminders… even drag-n-drop text and photos into your Google Docs! Join me today and make Google Keep an integral part of your daily workflow.

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