Feb 132017

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To start, head to classroom.google.com and login with your @tuacahnhs.org account.

You will find pretty much everything I know about Google Classroom here on my site. This site lists all of the new features that are continually being added to Classroom.

We’ll also need to access this Media Research Assignment that takes you on a deep dive into the great features you may not know about in Google Docs. Feel free to use it with your students!

How did I make it so that you were forced to make a copy??? Here’s how:

  • Force Make a Copy: after Doc URL, replace (Doc link)/edit?usp=sharing with (Doc link)/copy
  • Google Slides in Presentation mode: replace (Doc link)/edit or /view with (Doc link)/present or /preview
  • Others? Here’s a few more.

Lastly, you may like to know more about the new Google Cast for Education Chrome app. It allows students to share their screen with you and the rest of the class!

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