Creating on the iPad – In Depth, URSA 2015


Resources we’ll use today:

Our Plan for Today

Today we will create some projects using a few different iPad apps: Explain Everything, Adobe Voice, and Haiku Deck.

Explain Everything is a ‘screencasting’ or interactive whiteboard app that allows you to record your voice and actions on your iPad screen. You can bring in almost any sort of resource: pictures and video from your iPad, any document or PDF, shapes, text, annotations – even interactive web pages!

Adobe Voice is an app that will help you build a narrated “slide show” video, using built-in clip art, photos and video, and your own voice to tell the parts of a story. Best of all, the app will guide you through the process of telling an effective story, prompting you to include the needed story elements based on what type of story you want to tell.

Lastly, Haiku Deck is a sleek and simplified slide deck program, but it’s not your typical “PowerPoint” type slide shows. It’s quick and simple to create elegant slides, and the built in photo picker is amazing.

The Process

First, decide what story you are going to tell with these three apps. You are more than welcome to build projects that you may actually use in your classroom. If you are stuck for an idea, or want to follow along with me, let’s build a project based on your Ultimate Vacation.

Next, you should gather your resources. What photos do you want to use? Find them and save them in your Camera Roll/Photos app, or take them in this step. They may already be there, too! Do you know how to take screenshots??? I’ll show you if not. What video do you want to use? Gather your YouTube (or other sources) video links. What websites do you want to showcase? Gather those URL’s. You can use your ‘Notes’ app or something similar for this. Do you have any documents you’d like to show? Anything else?

Now, we’ll go through integrating these into each of these apps to build your projects. This is sort of the ‘Lesson Planning’ phase. Put your resources into the stages or ‘slides’ in each of these apps and build in what you want to see and use during your ‘instruction’ or recording time. Then, we’ll actually have you record your tour or lesson before we head to the final step.

Now, post it! These videos do you no good if they live only on your iPad. In this last phase, we’ll discuss your options to upload or serve these video projects you’ve created and how to share them with your students.

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