Jun 012015

Don’t have the Educreations app? Get it here!


Set up a Student Account:

1.  If you have not done so already, download and install the Educreations app.

2.  Open the App, select “Create Account”, choose “Student”.

3.  Choose “Yes” when asked “Do you have a course code”

4.  Enter PTFWDHK for course code.

5.  Fill out form with your info. Don’t put your email in, use a username instead.


Create a 1 minute tutorial:

1.  Pick one new thing you learned so far this morning.

2.  Take at least 2 screenshots.

3.  Use Educreations to record a short tutorial teaching what you learned using the screen shots.

4.  Video will automatically be posted to the teacher/class account.

5.  Smile because you just created something cool!
Remember to logout of Educreations as my student, and then create your own teacher account.

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