Jun 292014

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In the next two days, you will gain a good understanding of how you can integrate GPS activities and GIS resources into your instruction. This is a primer course – if you’d like to REALLY get into this topic, sign up for CMAP – a 5-day, 3-credit course next summer. The permalink above will always get you back to this page for the class resources and links. Go to sedcclint.com under the GPS tag for all of my related resoruces.

Day 1 Resources:

Day 2 Resources:

Reference Files from 2013 Class:


Jun 112014

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Here’s the agenda for my sessions today, including notes, links to the sites, apps and services I’ll reference and any commentary I’ll add to the document during the day.

AM: Basic Session – getting started with ArcGIS Online, plopping points, base maps, etc.

  • Mapping with ArcGIS Online (AGOL) – PDF Document with links to tutorial videos
  • Start at www.arcgis.com/home
  • Browse the pre-made map gallery
  • Click ‘MAP’ to enter the mapping tool
    • 30-Day Free Trial vs. Organizational Accounts (SEDC, UEN, other service centers, etc.)
    • Email me if you’d like an SEDC Organizational Account and I’ll send an invite
  • Making a map
    • I’ll add to my SUU POI’s Map
    • Navigate to map area desired
    • Change the basemap
    • Add interesting data layers – you can find most all Utah GIS data through Add → Search for Layers → In: ArcGIS Online
    • Add ‘Map Notes’ – allows you to drop your own points, text, lines, areas, shapes, etc.
      • Dropping points
      • Give point context and meaning
      • Change symbols
      • Image URL? Image Link URL?

PM: Intermediate Session – going deeper with mapping and data collection. Including photos in maps, custom data fields, collecting map data with apps

  • Start at https://sedc.maps.arcgis.com – Sign in with your new SEDC Org account
  • Discuss different tools used to make maps and how do you bring it all together?
    • GPS – how to get points out in a usable format? Garmin Basecamp
    • Camera – photos must be hosted/posted online – use image URL for AGOL maps
      • Google Drive is a good solution, as well as Dropbox Photos folder
    • Field Data? Clipboard is a great tool, but how do you bring data from multiple students/groups together? Google Forms &/or Google Sheets
    • One tool that can combine all of this?
  • Custom Data Fields?
    • Edit .csv file from Basecamp in Excel or Google Drive/Sheets
    • Remove extraneous data
    • Add in the data you want. Each column is a new Data field in map points
    • Save back out as a .csv
  • Add layers via file demo
  • Tutorial of whole process (GPS → Garmin Basecamp → Google Sheets → ArcGIS Online map points) on YouTube here.

Want to see my map? Here it is! http://bit.ly/1xQ97Eu


Jun 052014

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Day 1:

Day 2 Topics:

2014 Group Multimedia Presentations

2013 Group Multimedia Presentations

2012 Group Multimedia Presentations

Jun 042014

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Thanks for joining my session today at the 2014 Summer Administrators Conference. We will start by taking a look at my Demo Site which shows and describes the types of pages you can create in your Google Site. Be sure to check out the Google Sites Help Center to help make your site great!

We will also take a look at a wonderfully visual bookmarking site called Symbaloo. It’s free to sign up, and you can create custom ‘Webmixes’ with tiles linking to your students favorite and most used sites. Here’s my Webmix of my recommended educational iPad apps.

Jun 032014

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Since our time is limited today, we decided to let YOU choose the topics for our presentation today. Please head to my voting page at Mentimeter and vote for your top pick. Once we have covered the overall top item, we will come back and vote again.

You can view the entire presentation here. I’ll be sure to update it with any new contributions from the presenters and participants. All of the links and apps in the presentation follow: