Dec 122013

I just wanted to share a couple of posts from the TechToolsForSchools blog that I came a crossed while planning and working on a proposal for a regional EdTech PLC.

As I read Becoming a Tech Facilitator: Part I it almost sounded like a biography of my own experience learning and using technology in the classroom. It all started off with a class web site and in my case a projector, and just built and build from there. I wish that many teachers would just make that classroom Web site a true part of their instruction, and not just add a few things during the year because they have to. A classroom Web site is SO helpful with classroom management and dealing with students who were absent or simply lost a handout, putting the responsibility on the student to manage their own learning.

Becoming a Tech Facilitator: Part II spells out what it really takes to be a great technology trainer and EdTech resource for your department, school and district.

Both are a quick read, but have some great insight as to what it takes to become a leader in technology integration.

Dec 092013

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Here is (almost) Everything You Need to Know About Chromebooks. You should also check out Mastering Google Apps for the Classroom (PDF) that lists strategies  to roll out Google Apps in your school or district, as well as great summaries and examples of what Google Apps can do in the school setting. Thanks to Nathan Wilson from SESC for sharing this resource with me.