iPurpose before iPad, from Mr G Online

iPurpose before iPad from Mr G Online

The post above is a great project in process. He is curating a list of great iPad apps for education, but he’s looking deeper at what sorts of skills students can develop from using these apps.

He references resources really worth investigating, such as iPad As… by edtechteacher.org and the iPad Pedagogy Wheel, but he is attempting to go beyond what these resources offer. They are both valuable, but follow a simple ‘If this… then that’ approach.

Mr G is attempting to showcase apps that have a dual, tripple or multiple ‘threat’ or purpose capability, instead of pigeonholing apps as ‘One Trick Ponies.’ He is also detailing the pedagogy behind each type of app – why would I want to use an iPad app to create a video or publish an eBook? “Pedagogy Before Technology” is stated motivation, and I think that he has a great approach and is off to a really good start


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