WeVideo & Animoto for Canyon View HS

Permalink: http://goo.gl/keFTF WeVideo: Free Web based video editing. No apps to buy, nothing to install! Add WeVideo to your Google Drive applications or create an account at WeVideo.com Basics of Storyboard Editing (Video), the basics of Timeline Editing (Video), and their other video tutorials. Where can I bring in video from? Need video to experiment with?… Continue reading WeVideo & Animoto for Canyon View HS

iPurpose before iPad, from Mr G Online

iPurpose before iPad from Mr G Online The post above is a great project in process. He is curating a list of great iPad apps for education, but he’s looking deeper at what sorts of skills students can develop from using these apps. He references resources really worth investigating, such as iPad As… by edtechteacher.org and… Continue reading iPurpose before iPad, from Mr G Online

How To Block Someone on Facebook

3 Ways to Block Someone on Facebook from Mashable.com We ask teachers and students to be careful about what they share on Facebook and to make sure they have their privacy settings locked down to only show updates to friends. These quick little tips on blocking an unwanted person on Facebook are quite helpful.