Jul 112012

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Thanks so much for joining me today to take a good close look at your world with Google Earth. Today, I’ll run you through the features of Google Earth, and show you how you or your students can easily create your own Virtual Tours with the software. Let the exploration begin!

Topics, Resources and Links:

Documents, Presentations & Videos:

Creating a Tour in Google Earth (.docx file download)

Sample Google Earth Tour (will download Google Earth .kml file)

Jul 112012

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Thanks for attending my session on how to use cell phones in your classroom for GOOD! Please feel free to ask questions at anytime and just participate in the session – all of the links and resources you need are detailed below. A PDF version of the presentation from our session today is available at the bottom of this post.

Links and resources mentioned in our session:

What if your students do NOT have an unlimited SMS plan or even a cell phone, but they DO have an iPod Touch? Try the textPlus app (iTunes link)

Poll Everywhere polls:

Jul 112012

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Thanks for attending my session at the URSA Conference today! We have much ground to cover, and I’ll move quickly, but PLEASE feel free to ask questions at any time.

Attached below is a PDF of the workshop for today – the links are active! Just click on the app or service that I’ve linked with the underlined words, and you’ll be taken to that resource immediately.